““The infrastructure for linking environmental health with public health is not working as well as it should.”
– Samuel Wilson

The N=1 health revolution

Nov 4, 2016

There’s a health revolution going on where N=1. Centred on cheaper, more pervasive technology, we’re entering the age of personalisation. With N being the number and 1 being the individual patient we’re increasingly digitally connected, in many cases even when we’re asleep. Bodily monitoring is increasing everywhere, where ‘wearables’ are becoming the norm. The internet of things isn’t just there to monitor our fridges or turn on the TV recorder when we’re running late, it connects our phones and our bodies to the wider world. We’ve never had more opportunity to read about health and sickness and what we can do to avoid the latter.

But increasingly what we seek is wellness, both physical and mental. We have access to information that Kings and Queens of old could only dream of. But, there’s a need to filter to reduce the noise so we can clearly hear the signal. Focussing on the information that really matters is the hard part. Jurby Wellness Incubation Centre is focussed on helping early stage Companies grow into successful enterprises that aid human wellness. Every project we undertake will be driven by our commitment to: Transparent Science, Restorative Medicine and Natural Botanicals.

Let the revolution begin.