“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Want To Liver Fuller Life – Try hanging onto Your Gallbladder

Jan 22, 2017

While walking yesterday I bumped into an older friend.  He looked thinner than usual but surprisingly bouncy – though he’d just had his gallbladder removed.  He skated over the causes, or the actual reason of why it had occurred, content in the knowledge that his Surgeon (Mac the Knife?), had told him it was “one of the largest he’d seen…” – that’s all right then.  But, it seems, some nations rarely if ever get troubled by ‘gallstones’ while others of an altogether different stripe (and star?) get plenty of ‘em – with 500,000 pesky gallbladders whipped out each year, Stateside.  Diet, dear boy, perhaps diet does it? more so as the patient is increasingly, ever younger.  Nature, designs perfection, and as, Stateside based Dr Josh Axe would say ‘it doesn’t give us spare organs’.  He regularly points some of his patients to a liver flush – even viewable on YouTube.  After all, when I was a kid, Mac the Knife would whip yer tonsils out as quick as look at you, though his loud voice clambering to do that nowadays has kind of got stuck in his throat.