“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Don’t Just Hug A Tree – Go Build A BioSphere

Jul 31, 2017

For all those tree huggerists out there you’re going to need longer arms – ones that in future wrap around whole Countries.  The more you think about that the more sense it makes to play all the instruments in an orchestra, to hug all the trees in the forest.  Whether you suck, blow or strum, we all have our part to play if we’re to be genuinely in tune with nature.  From the not so humble bee to the wide mouthed basking shark  – nothing can thrive in selfish isolation.  Talking of shellfish isolation the Manx Queenie (called a scallop at the least posh £ end of the menu) is a national treasure on the Isle of Man.  Nurtured in the 12 miles of Manx territorial waters, Queenies are a local delicacy and a particular favourite amongst the people of France too.  Hardly a cheesy cultural story is it – we each have our comestible favourites, our personal treats of the taste bud.  We have Manx cheddar too but that’s another story…

Just how do you build a UNESCO BioSphere? Well, you can only start with the hand you’re dealt by Mother Nature, or more accurately by Mannanan Mac Lir if Celtic legend is accurate – which it always is.  When Mannanan was angry he flapped his cloak while great mists and thunderous storms appeared across the Island, his sword too could cut through any armour.  By the discipline of this mythical deity our Island was hardily fashioned – soon inhabited by peaceful dwellers living in awe, yet in harmony, with their living landscape.

So, just why did UNESCO recognise a land of 80,000 people with an extinct language and accredit it as the only World BioSphere Region?  The answer is because the people and the land are living healthily together in happy harmony.  Not that the language is actually extinct – it’s now spoken in School, or Bunscoill Ghaelgagh to be precise: the only primary School in the World to teach in Manx Gaelic.

If true health is your thing, it all starts with harmony in nature, always interconnected and with each part playing a vital tune.  Here’s one that you can hum and strum along to: https://www.biosphere.im/