“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

WellTube.im Channel Launches – Around The World In 80 Ways

Oct 4, 2017

No man nor woman is an Island, we are all touched by events around the World for good or ill.  Although, when Phileas Fogg embarked on his epic balloon journey he encountered headwinds, gales, storms and tempests.  Despite this, he rose above it all riding on a tide of hot air, while observing from above – for ‘the times, they are a changin’.

You can barely open a newspaper or fire up the abacus without seeing that health services around the World are running out of cash and coping strategies.   Cutbacks and competing priorities confirm that the juice is squeezed and the pips ‘they are a squeakin’.  Ouch, a sad and very expensive OUCH.

So, if we were going to France would we start from here?  Well, if you were far from shore in Uluru (Ayers Rock) it’s unlikely you’d start from there.  Health is a bit like that – meaning that you only call on the ‘health’ service when you’re ‘sick’.  That old wag Tommy Cooper when asked by his Doctor why he hadn’t seen him in a while, replied “sorry Doc, I’ve been sick”.

So that’s where we start from in seeking a short term solution to a long term problem.  Few of us seldom get a long term, often reversible, chronic condition, overnight.  It’s a grow it yourself model in most cases, helpfully nudged along by Big Food and Big Pharma and a lack of debate as to what Wellness IS.  In the future, when we look back at ‘now’, we’re unlikely to deduce that the cause of cancer was a ‘lack of chemotherapy’.  Our well intentioned focus on ‘cures’ has sadly consigned ‘causes’ to that waste bin of underfunded research (see Otto Warburg, 1931 Noble Prize winner) who hit the cancer nail firmly on the head, observing nearly a Century ago that cancer is a ‘sugar fermentation process’.  We’ll very much need to go back to the future if we’re to make progress.

If we don’t define being well at a young age, the young will end up on the battle bus of illness, despite being the most media saturated generation ever – but maybe we all need to read from different scripts?  Perhaps we need to relearn that ‘less is more’ – just as you have Peak Oil, what if we have Peak Health spend?  There is real world evidence that the more you spend, the more Patient Capture there is, the more over-screening takes place.  With Breast Screening Programme lessons from the US, Canada and Denmark, the Swiss were compelled to stop future breast screening programmes in 2014.  The mammography harms were simply too high for the benefits gained. That was due to excessive false positives, in finding ‘cancers’ that weren’t real such as Duct Carcinomas In Situ (DCIS) – which in most cases weren’t actually cancers, just mis-named and mis-identified.  Such ‘cancers’ given time, were mostly found to have regressed harmlessly.

So, WellTube.im aims to pump up the volume by taking a trip around the Well World in 80 Ways – to highlight what works while avoiding riding on false winds of hot air – Phileas Fogg would surely have been pleased!

Chocks away for a: 25th September 2017, Statins – Curse or Cure debate, with more to follow: http://welltube.im/