“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

HPV Vaccination – Adding To An Already Crowded Schedule

Oct 21, 2017

They say where the Land of The Free goes first, the rest of the World soon follows.  So, looking Stateside, we note that vaccine doses from birth to age 18 have risen from just 20 doses in 1985, to an eye-watering total of 69 doses by 2017.  Yes, really – that’s ‘health’ inflation for you: yet the US is suffering from the worst levels of immune compromised children that they’ve ever seen.  Surely, there’s no connection?  Despite spending far more on ‘health’ per patient than any other Country, the US doesn’t make the Top 10 Countries on any measure of Wellness outcomes.

What if we revisit history? glancing behind us with a telescope: “so Grandad, when you were a kid in the 1960’s why didn’t your school have: puffers, Epi-Pens, peanut allergy, asthma, eczema, autism, debilitating physical symptoms and ADHD ‘special measures’ classes, in such abundance as we do now?”.  It seems our most recent human generation has caught non-infectious, wholescale autoimmune system, shut-down.  Yet, as for the causes – if we ask many ‘insiders’, they claim they don’t know, “all of this is just anecdotal – we don’t know what causes it all, but we do know it’s not the increasing number of vaccinations”. Adverse events reporting databases record sudden onset: Guillain–Barré syndrome, spinal cord inflammation leading to limb paralysis, seizures, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome and in rare cases, vaccine related deaths.  But once again, no one knows why… “it’s just, well, anecdotal”.

What if we’ve been disease mongered, asleep while we fell into a wholesale STS: a Sick Treatment Syndrome?  Henry Gadsden featured in the BBC’s Billion Dollar Deals series – but you may not know him.  For a decade until 1975, he was the CEO of Merck.  During his tenure he told Fortune Magazine that he wanted the taking of drugs to be as everyday as chewing gum, so the Company could “sell to everyone”.  Decades later, some feel if the multiple combined kiddie vaccines don’t get you – then maybe the flu vaccine, for seniors, will.  Since then, an increasing vaccinations schedule has been marketed to us, ever since: Madison Avenue met Medicines Avenue.

So, what’s the latest weapon of mass seduction – the latest must have vaccine? It’s HPV, targeting the human papilloma virus, which can lead to cervical cancer – but it’s a cancer that 99.9% of women won’t get.  In those who are susceptible, the cancer can occur around an average age of 50, that’s some 35 years after vaccination.  Vaccination aims to target two of the 100 or so HPV genotypes that account for 70% of potential cancers of the cervix.  The HPV vaccine choices are Gardasil, manufactured by Merck and Cervarix as manufactured by GSK.

Dr Diane Harper was a lead Scientist and helped to get Gardasil approved.  On film she states “if you look at all the women who get an HPV infection, approximately 70% of those are going to clear that infection all by themselves within the first year, with no help from anybody – the body is going to take over and do it.  Within two years about 90% of all of those HPV infections are going to clear all by themselves.  After three years approximately, 5% of HPV infections are going to go into a pre-cancerous lesion.  The number of women who die each year is small but real.  It is small because of the Pap screening program”.

 British GP and Dr Richard Halvorsen, authored: Vaccines, A Parent’s Guide and wrote a chapter on HPV vaccination entitled: HPV – A Vaccine Too Soon?  For context of the dis-ease, he cites that in 2010 cancer of the cervix ‘ranked’ in 20th position of female cancers and that ‘the exaggeration of an illness is commonplace before the introduction of a new vaccine’.  Dr Halvorsen champions informed patient choice and is also the founder of Baby Jabs Clinics, which offers single vaccine options.

India was chosen for the HPV trials.  Later, trial legitimacy concerns lead to an independent review by Professor of Public Health and Research Policy, Allyson Pollock of Queen Mary University, London “we don’t know if HPV vaccination works and we wouldn’t ever know for 30 years – it’s being rolled out on proxy measures of outcomes, not actually on reduction in deaths by cervical cancer”.

Trials can miss such adverse effects, especially if the trial ‘placebo’ contained both aluminium and polysorbate 80, vaccine adjuvants.  The consent forms sent home from school, usually list 5 potential adverse effects yet the patient warning insert which accompanies the vaccine, lists 26 adverse effects.  Alongside, it’s certainly big business, even when vaccination is free to the end patient.  With Quarter 1 sales this year of $532 million, the Gardasil HPV vaccine generates $2 billion in annual sales: sales which have grown 40% since last year.

As all vaccines are immune suppressive, what if reverse transcriptase can re-write human RNA when vaccine viruses are cultured in yeast and insects?  What if there were unintended consequences crossing species, as viruses mutate from animal farm into human farm?  Maybe we should question why the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program fund has paid out nearly $4 billion in compensation payments.  Florida Congressman Bill Posey, is chairing questions on that topic too.  It’s a pressing topic since vaccine manufacturers were made exempt from US Federal prosecution in 1986.  The 350% increase in the vaccine schedule got ‘lift off’ since then – a risk free, highly profitable, bet.  Meanwhile, the Australians, those: indoor, unsporting types Down Under, are stuck on a mere 45 doses in their vaccine schedule.  Catch yourself on guys, you’re so last year.

Many vaccines ‘partner’ with powerful adjuvants which can trigger continually high immune response due to a genetic pre-disposition of some people.  Geneticist Dr Sin Hang Lee (former associate Professor of Pathology at Yale University) appeared before the Scottish Parliament in 2015 to share his concerns of the aluminium adjuvant, a known human neurotoxin.  People with high levels of iron may be unable to clear harmful aluminium.  Excess iron levels in their blood may over-whelm transferrin, limiting essential transport and excretion of aluminium out of their circulatory systems.  It’s highly personal, but aluminium is known to be brain and body toxic to many.

If we always read the manufacturers warning, we’ll note that the HPV vaccination ‘may cause seizures and/or brain damage’.  What if microscope myopia has missed the complexity of our autoimmune system – which vaccine ingredients: just a little prick, unexpectedly bypass?  What if, adjuvants from many vaccines (peanut oil, mercury, aluminium and polysorbate 80) attach to the virus where they pass readily into our circulatory system – but by injection are not filtered by our regular, previously trained, normally vigilant gut biome.

Japan suspended HPV vaccination in June 2013 due to numerous reported adverse effects and earlier this year a law suit was brought by Class Action Plaintiffs in the Tokyo District Court.  As far back as 2009, in the US, Dr Scott Ratner and his Wife, also a Physician, blamed HPV vaccination for their daughter’s sudden onset life debilitating illness. Across the Globe: Dr Louise Brinth, Professor Peter Gøtzsche, Dr Bart Classen and Dr Stephanie Seneff have all raised serious concerns over HPV vaccination harms.  Legal cases of HPV vaccination harms are also underway in: UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France and Italy, as well as in the 300 cases of adverse effects in young women in Carmen de Bolivar, Columbia.  By 2011, the US FDA’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) had already received 18,727 reports of adverse effects following HPV vaccination, with a total of 2,799 classified as ‘serious’.

As for real world, risk context – studies published in JAMA (The Journal of The American Medical Association) confirm that long term smokers have a more than three fold increased risk of developing cancer of the cervix. Eating a poor diet too is also a major contributory factor – again due to a constantly compromised immune system. We should look at education of cancer causes, rather than be continually steered by hidden cash agendas.

Current Hollywood dramas confirm that the script of truth can take decades to finally escape, riding high on fresh, not stale, air.  With a need for a transparent debate of: benefits versus harms, HPV vaccination is likely another ‘settled science’ – a bubble, but one that’s definitely worth pricking.

HPV vaccination harms:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHf17TSgYww