“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Healthy Eating: The BIG Mistake

May 9, 2018

Sometimes you read a book that wakes you up with more than just a jolt.  The above title, diligently researched by Dr Verner Wheelock, was just such a thought provoking tome.  I suddenly realised how much I had missed – how I’d been distracted by the medical industry.  The book supported other insights from ‘The Cholesterol Con’ (the book penned by Scots GP, Dr Malcolm Kendrick).  Please both, take a bow for confirming: all cause mortality goes up, as cholesterol goes down.

In any case, the subtitle of Verner’s book should have kicked me out of my slumbers, it being: How modern medicine has got it wrong about diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, Alzheimer’s and obesity.  That sounds like a big enough gig for anyone, in one lifetime – by the use of sound science.  Clearly Dr Wheelock has taken a (partial) leaf out of the musings of Dale Carnegie, whose follow up would likely be: How To Win Friends and Alienate People.  Those people, of course, being ‘experts’ in the ever perpetual, ‘sick treatment’, business.  Those people being fully financially wedded to the ‘$ickness is health’ mantra.  But somewhat less likely to get married in pure Virginal White.

A Fat Chance in Time

It’s no wonder peeps, the World over, are confused.  First this food is good, the next minute it’s bad, or less bad in a strict combination sort of way.  That combo being a: low fat, free from, salt reduced, McNuggett type way.  Maybe not quite, but you catch the foodie faddie, drift.  But ever so slowly, time always does its work.  It passes oh so glacially, then, when the evidence is undeniable and the old insiders have retired or died out – the genie of truth majestically escapes.  By page 70, Dr V is quoting the BMJ regarding cholesterol lowering interventions: any reduction in deaths from heart disease was counterbalanced by deaths due to other causes and there was no effect on ACM (All Cause Mortality).  Those who are fixated solely on heart issues need to study major harms often triggered by statins, including: cancers, cataracts and suicides.  Modern sugar diets cause torn arteries which cholesterol is naturally repairing – if we ‘pick’ at a  ‘scab’ (using a statin) how will we ever heal?  Eating fats, that’s how – they help the healing, while reducing inflammation.  So ditch most carbs.

But Er, It’s All a Bit of a Fag

Time works in every industry, to finally expose the truth.  After 30 years of smoke and rumour, a less opaque rear view mirror is held up and we see those 1960’s tobacco industry CEO’s swearing “no Siree, our cigarettes are neither addictive nor cancer causing”.  That timeless photo is there, hauntingly, on the web – with sons and daughters everywhere, perhaps a little ashamed.  Those from the 1930’s who had warned of lung cancer, now, belatedly, vindicated.  It took Time magazine nearly 50 years to take Ancel Keys (father of the selective science cholesterol theory) from hero to zero, on their front cover.  In 2014 Time magazine finally declared time on the cholesterol con with their ‘Eat More Butter’ front cover – but only if it’s from grass fed cows, naturally.

If Some Cancers Are Not Real – Are Five Year Survival Figures A True Measure?

Five years ago at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, I heard a presenting Radiologist declare “breast screening, is… 53% accurate”.  No one gasped, no one refuted it.  I found that chilling.  So, Dr Wheelock’s book sums up what many of us have heard: ‘John Bailar was the Editor of the US Cancer Journal.  In 1985 he stated: If we are to effectively prevent cancers we will have to change our lives.  He continued: we have brought some of the best minds to the problem, but despite our best shot it’s time to admit it hasn’t worked.  He stated that a change of the kind he was proposing would mean a massive disruption in ideas, in the research community and in the business that support that community’.  In other words ‘vested interest’ inertia – or a lack of momentum that rarely best serves the patient.

Move Away From The Kitchen

Dr Wheelock identifies causes of current disease epidemics and how we might reverse them – given enough willpower.  With societal changes in the last forty years, food production has moved from the kitchen to the distant factory, or closer at hand, to the local take away. The reduction in nutrients has seen a shift towards ever sweeter tastes and convenience, at all costs.  Those costs being lower of course, due to consumer demand.  Reversing that won’t be easy, but what we don’t spend on food, we spend multiples of, on medicine.  Meanwhile the small independent, local shop has faded from the town centre, being replaced by the, crammed to the rafters, supermarket.  With their denatured, long distance, foods, in all seasons – so a turkey, is no longer just for Christmas.  To quote the book: Government policies have been a spectacular failure.  Governments, in effect, are killing people.  Clearly Verner should go far, but the Diplomatic Corps would likely send his job application back double quick – though Florence Nightingale would sign him up, even faster.

Trust The Swiss – Saying Hard Cheese to the Cholesterol Theory

In 2015 Credit Suisse researched all the available scientific evidence and independently came up with these nuggets: Eating cholesterol has basically no influence on cholesterol in the blood or on potential heart disease.  Neither has the link between saturated fat and CVD (Cardio Vascular Disease) ever been proven.  The conclusion of this report is simple.  Natural unprocessed fats are healthy.  Omega 3 has strong protective properties for our heart and brain.  Welcome to the new world of fat.

Hardly Nuts

It makes so much sense to follow science – because if we follow only the money, or simply wake up and just smell the coffee then we may find that much of it is well, nuts, – old bean.  Verner seems more of a Wheelock than a Wheelnut – one, who, when driving over bumpy terrain in the fog you could rely upon.  Providing of course, we follow the route to Wellness using his honest map, without detours.  Or any deliberate distractions by others along the way.