“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

A Plague On Your Mouse, Tragically

Jun 22, 2018

Hardly catchy is it: XMRV (‘xenotropic murine retrovirus like virus’).  In shorthand, there’s a mouse in ‘your house’ – a retrovirus and it’s going cross species.  From four legs in the lab’ mouse into us two legged’s, does go.  It’s a story quite unlike fiction.  A real life story of intrigue, arrest without warrant, bullying sequestration of research notebooks and the withholding of uncomfortable data.  Plus, let’s throw in a dollop of intellectual arrogance and entrenched scientific beliefs – by scientific peers.  Follow the yellow brick road Judy – for who knows just where it might lead?  Judy, in this case being Judy Mikovits (not Garland).  But what if the tin man rings hollow and the straw man just needs a little wind to blow him over, in vaccination science?  What if some Companies are too big to fail,  just as some Science is: too big to know?

Viral Latency – NO, it’s NOT better late, than Never.

Never is actually best.  Plague, the book, was written by AIDS and Cancer Researcher Dr Judy Mikovits together with Science Teacher and Attorney, Kent Heckenlively.  It’s a must read for enquirers of the ‘reality’ horror genre.  Where fact really is so much stranger than fiction.  It’s beyond tragic that the current nightmare of tens of millions of harmed people around the world is mainly going unnoticed, and worse, forcibly undiscussed in ‘polite’ but compliant circles.  That vaccine viruses have been repeatedly passaged, during production, through the mouse brain is more than frown inducing.  What could ever, possibly, go wrong?


ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or brain swelling is the more acknowledged name for CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) the latter name an almost a DD (Deliberate Downplay) for decades long, debilitating, illness.  It’s one that often leads sufferers to an early death.  Why is there so little debate about ME/CFS? – well, in most cases the sufferers are far too ill and bed bound to lobby and meet with the influential and powerful.  To, in short, be heard.  What if viral contamination, which has lain dormant in people for years, is triggered by a vaccine –  resulting in out of control, hyper-sensitivity, to their immune system?

Of Mice and Men

Mice are used to test out theories, them being, some claim, 97% the same as us humans genetically. So what of the mouse? that decades long ‘gold standard’ of animal trial models.  What if those mouse trials actually involved a fair bit of monkey, cow and pig business too?  The mouse can make vitamin C but we can’t – so they won’t catch scurvy if they sail across the Atlantic on their summer holidays (with Cliff Richard).  On average, at best, their lifespan is three years (but clearly not if they repeated spill a ‘pals’ pint in a Glasgow pub).  Scientists can grow a cancer to be one third of the mouse’s body weight, while they also don’t vomit – the be-tumoured mouse that is, not the less caged, Scientist.

Though: mice do have two spare legs (compared with us) but: can’t drive, nor talk, nor open a bank account, nor use a mobile phone (whilst driving).  It seems like they’re pretty much identical to us, then – apart from eating a totally different diet, having different teeth, far less organs, different enzymes, proteins and brain sizes.  Oh, and catching and passing on lots of different diseases…

Squeak up at the back

There must be lots of other ways in which we’re so clinically, clonetastically, identical to a mouse?  As in genetically 97% ‘identical’ – yeah right, Sherlock.  Identical, then, seems to be a medically ‘fluid’ word, one that is unlikely to be used by a long suffering patient.  Seems that these Researcher Johnnies keep pulling a different (grant funded, methinks) Gene Genie out of the message bottle – while ignoring the harm, along the way.

Pharming for Cash

That Dr Mikovits has offered to go in front of Congress anytime with her evidence of HPV vaccine harms is an offer she is still awaiting to be taken up.  Some might scurrilously link the political lobbying spend of the Pharmaceutical industry to that reluctance.  More so, as combined, Big Pharma spends very nearly as much on lobbying as the: Defence, Oil & Gas and Banking industries, combined.  Judy, if called to Congress, would of course mention that Japan suspended recommendation of HPV vaccination after Japan’s three month trial which ended abruptly in June 2013. The Court Cases of HPV vaccine harms which stem from that trial, are ongoing in Tokyo.

You Dirty Rat

Dr Mikovits continues to give her life of service to others – to repair harms done to people by the deafness of the current medical model.  It also relies on the silence of many to achieve those less than model, ‘aims’.  As for the widespread silence due to ‘Regulatory Capture’, it was James Cagney who stood and exclaimed “you dirty rat” (or ‘you dirty long tails’ for those reading this on the Isle of Man).  Perhaps Mr Cagney was really a frustrated, but insightful scientist, in disguise.  A stellar intellect is packed into Judys’ five feet four inch frame, yet, given enough time and an open mind – we will see that it was her work, focussed on contaminated murine viruses, which made her the ultimate: mouse that roared.

Better Than A Crock of Gold

Dr Judy Mikovits will go down in history as the ultimate Canary in the mine.  A brave pioneer, with a prime calling to be a Truth Teller, not merely a highly biddable Sales Teller.  That route has clearly been chosen by others.  At the end of your Rainbow, Judy, we pray that you’ll receive not only your red shoes, but most of all: your Garland.