“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

UnVaccinated: An Independence Day Dawns

Jul 4, 2018

A Blue Skies Thinking Day

Yesterday, being a bright and sunny day I thought I’d meet with a bright and sunny fella, while we topped up our Vitamin D in the sun (no, not out of a bottle – luddites that we both are).  Him being a lawyer and a former bio scientist we soon got onto my fave pub quiz tie-breaker of: vaccines.  Or more to the point the UnVaccinated, that rare (but some say, less dying…) breed.

I’m not young enough to be ill

Seriously, I’m trying not to be flippant.  But really, ask Grandma to look through her note book of childhood diseases.  It seems we have an epidemic of autoimmune diseases: asthma, eczema, Type 1 diabetes, peanut allergy, leukaemia, cancer(s) at injection sites, depression, ADD, ADHD, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia.  While at the top end of life we can throw in the aluminium laced flu vaccine, and vaccine triggered anecdotally – upwards only levels of: dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

With the elderly suffering increasing levels of PolyPharmacy, it seems the young are besieged by PolyVaxxiny – with ever earlier, ever closer together, ever more numerous, vaccines.  The young are recipients of never tested vaccine adjuvants (the excipients that trigger the immune system to recognise a virus, a pathogen, an invader).  But, with their constantly elevated immune systems our kids are now internally besieged by their own autoimmune system disruption.

Aluminum, Trumps All

The Donald, I’ve got all his books and CD’s – but not yet, his hair.  I’ve even bought his: Typo’sAreUs.com mini series compendium.  Despite 307 million ‘mericans, those Doodle Dandies still don’t quite know their I’s from their Elbows. Aluminium guys, it’s spelt: A.L.U.M.I.N.I.U.M, add a little extra I – we call it full English.  But at least The Donald is looking at sudden onset autism and other vaccine harms.  Show me the all the science he’s asking – and that makes him dangerous.  He’s questioning if aluminium injected, is actually the same as aluminium ingested.  We have, give or take, 60 million years of immunity built up through our mouth, nose and skin, yet we’re suddenly injecting masses of toxic, never tested vaccine ingredients into youngsters. Before you’re distracted, best watch two films: Injecting Aluminium (by ‘Mr Aluminium’ researcher Dr Chris Exley) and The Age of Aluminium (by film producer Bert Ehgartner).

Follow The Compensation

The US vaccine compensation fund was introduced in 1986.  It’s intent, is to pay for vaccine harms (via a levy) on every vaccine ‘sold’.  Not that you see the cost, as it’s buried ‘free’ in Government vaccines programmes.  But your taxes feel it crimp your wallet.  That over $3 billion has been paid out in Compensation remains hidden via legal cases tried without Juries, with no right of discovery and gagging orders for recipients.  Compensation may be paid for brain swelling injuries, but not if you also dare mention the ‘A word’ (followed by the letters: U, T, I, S and M, some say).  In 1985, US vaccine manufacturers were granted economic ‘immunity’ from vaccine harms prosecution.  The only time I’d use genuine immunity and vaccines in the same sentence – vaccine manufacturing being a risk free bet.

HPV: Helps Pay for Vioxx

Many say, surprisingly, that we shouldn’t mention the 61,000 deaths (others say it was over 100,000 people) caused by Vioxx.  Gardasil, a vaccine targeting the HPV virus, but never proven to prevent cancer, is coincidentally also made by Merck.  The vaccine has never actually been tested for carcinogenicity.  That Cancer of the cervix is ‘ranked’ the 20th ‘most’ common cancer in women may mean that the first 19 cancer targets would yield better profits, sorry, results.  Might we dare look at the other 95% more viable targets, first.  But with an estimated 300 further vaccines in the pipeline other financial opportunities may beckon.

Gender Neutral

The winds of medical change are ablowin and not just up the skirt of Marilyn Monroe.  That young ‘rebel’ Bob Dylan sure warned us too.  With 40 UK schools now banning skirts for the girls, it seems that boys, following gender inclusion generosity, will now also get the HPV vaccine.  No one left behind and all that – or more likely no one left to speak out, boyishly.  As: first they came for the girls, reminding us that we were similarly warned by Martin Niemöller over 70 years ago.

Straining To Be Credible

Researchers in white coats estimate that there are over 100 HPV virus strains.  With World leading Scientists stating the vast majority will ‘self clear’ all on their own.  Post adolescence, watchful waiting and PAP screening over the three decades, is a more fruitful and less problematic way to spot a slow growing, and rarely developing, cancer.  Driving on statistics can be a dangerous game, with cervical cancer resulting in the death of 3 women per 100,000 in the US.  Not being flippant, that really IS the same stat’s as a car crash: three women deaths per hundred thousand.  Perhaps more careful driving of your own vehicle would be a less profitable, sorry better, strategy.

Like all viruses that set up camp, unseen in you, they generally clear off for their summer holidays in less ‘immune strong’ people.  HPV infection is, like so many diseases, more frequently one of poverty – caused by poor sanitation and poor nutrition.  But, in ‘rich’ countries, teenage girls are experiencing dramatically early menopause and being robbed of their fertility – showing up in US statistics, since 2009.  Nearly a decade on from the wholesale introduction of HPV vaccination.

Doctors Light Up

Mahatma Gandhi over-threw by peaceful protest, the largest occupying army the world had yet seen.  A man clearly worth listening to he said: ‘first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’.  Also from that era we should remember the slogan ‘Doctors prefer Camel’, not riding them, no, but smoking them – or so ran the influencing cigarette adverts of the 1950’s.  Also in the film The King’s Speech, King George VI exclaimed, regarding his smoking habit “my Physician says it opens the throat”. To which his Speech Therapist Lionel Logue replied “they’re all idiots”.  The King, he at the top of the pile retorts, well “they’ve all been knighted”.  Doc Delusion won, back then in that era – but now we ask better questions of accepted Doctorial ‘wisdom’.

Better to live in AWakefield than to dose off in ASleepfield?

The smoking bun being fed to the elephant in the room is, of course, the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine.  Those three live, but attenuated viruses are all injected together, all that is, at once.  An ‘at once’ situation that you would never encounter in real life, as in amongst, Nature.  Another situation you wouldn’t have encountered is the case of Sir John Walker Smith, (a decades long, World leading Gastroenterologist and Paediatrician) who was reinstated six years ago by the GMC after an eight year legal battle to ‘clear’ his name.  Which he soundly did, after, some say, a vexatious legal case.  That Sir John was the leading collaborator of Dr Andrew Wakefield has been ignored by the BBC, via a sustained media Omertà.  While not a single parent of the Lancet 12 trial complained, which simply adds to the rumbling MMR intrigue.  As does the ability to get M, M and R as three separate vaccines – which are now available in private clinics on both sides of the Pond.

New Century Dawns

In recognition that each idea has to escape out of the lab’ what with: cholera being caused by open sewers, hands that need washing before surgery (not yours but the guy in the mask in case it all goes wrong…).  While with low cholesterol, yes, actually, you do die sooner.  The latest to escape out of the lab of Citizen Scientists is the collecting of 100 UnVaccinated people.  That’s my job, starting now – to compare and contrast what they’re not suffering from in comparison to Vaccinated folks.  One for the NHS (UK) and NIH (US) to ponder.  But they won’t of course “the science is settled, move along” being their mantra – and “no we won’t do that test, ever, no Sir”.   But they WILL deny debate, distract and likely name call (while they’re about it, no doubt).  But why not let the science speak? or else we’ll all be tempted to watch Paul Rulkens and his excellent TED Video: ‘Why The Majority Is Always Wrong’.  Or Rupert Sheldrake’s: The Science Delusion.  Originally banned on TED, Mr Sheldrake showed how gravity and the speed of light were not actually, well, a constant.  It seems those who claimed both were, got the hump and less grants potentially, as a result.  So, you’ve got this far and granted the washer has been a bit on the full rinse cycle while some dirty linen has been laundered with some foaming (at the mouth?) perhaps.

Strewth Sheelagh – Fire Up The Trusty Didgeridoo

I hadn’t heard of Helen Lobato, not until this morning that is.  She authored the book, Gardasil: Fast Tracked and Flawed.  Not yet in my book cabinet, but it soon will be.  Helen highlighted the increase in the Australian vaccine schedule rising tsunami like, up from 5 doses in 1962, to 52 doses in 2018 (that’s a full 17 doses behind the US schedule in 2018) – catch yerself on Aussies. Her noteworthy (but it seems not newsworthy item) had her Down Under in Perth putting up a billboard on 13th June asking ‘Do You Know What’s In A Vaccine’.   Others objected and took the billboard down…  It really does seem that ‘the birds’ are the real Brave Hearts these days – while others, can simply, flock off.   Many, perhaps a bit stale, male and pale are stuck so hard up their career track – on a well oiled, gravy train.  But one that will likely find itself up the sidings being shunted around by the unseen Fat Controller.  Let’s fire up every digital didgeridoo that we can to raise a note of discord – Helen, we’re so with you.

Let’s fill the air with just what IS in a vaccine.  Take your pick, but mind you some have had their name changed to ’protect’ the innocent’ including: latex rubber, monosodium glutamate, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, ethyl mercury, methyl mercury, amorphous aluminium hydroxyphosphate sulphate, aldehyde, bovine (cattle) cells, porcine (pig) cells, murine (mouse) cells, foetal (dendritic aborted baby) cells, faecal (excrement) cells, peanut (adjuvant 65) adjuvant.  Anaphylaxis anyone? when injecting that lot into young (or old) immune systems the virus accompanying the adjuvant(s) is actually the least of your worries – me thinks.  Squeaking purely as an unqualified, non medic.

More than a single Brandy is needed In November

Brandy Vaughan is that rare beast, one who walked the walk, yet walked away.  A previously well paid Pharma Insider, she ran away from Merck, and carried on talking and filming.  The way only some insiders can do.  Go Girl.  That she’s in London presenting her insights on 11th November will brighten up what are normally dull and clouded UK winters – where we stay indoors kept there by the dark and cold.  But likely London skies will be clearer by then when we: Learn The Risk at an HPV Vaccine Conference.  See you there.

It’s a World Cup

It seems as if the referee is asleep – yet the news is awash with insufficient penalties awarded.  Even when we can see ‘his was a dive, Gov’.  There’s a foul stink in the air, but never mind, trot off.  With so many scoring own goals we just need to stand high up in the terraces, as impartial spectators.  To view afresh, better perhaps than any linesman can – as the linesman has his pitch clearly marked out.  Woe betide him, if he strays outside the lines.  The medical match, so often played on a tilted pitch, is like that too.  These top of their game players, below, come from a self selected, Team Global.  Dressed in all colours and stripe of shirt they’re questioning the emerging harms of the HPV vaccine:

ENGLAND: Dr Chris Exley, Researcher: Aluminium-based adjuvants should not be used as placebos in clinical trials (2011). Insight into the cellular fate and toxicity of aluminium adjuvants used in clinically approved human vaccinations (2016), (see film: Injecting Aluminium).  USA: S Blitshteyn, Neurologist: Postural Tachycardia Syndrome following human papilloma vaccination (2014).  Dr Sin Hang Lee: detection of human papilloma virus L1 gene DNA fragments in post-mortem blood and spleen and Gardasil® vaccination – A Case Report (2012). SWEDEN: Dr Rebecca Chandler, World Health Organisation (Uppsala Monitoring Centre): Current safety concerns with human papilloma vaccine: a cluster analysis of Reports in VigiBase (2017).  FRANCE: Prof Romain Gherardi, Director Henri Mondor Hospital: Aluminium adjuvants of vaccines injected into the muscle; normal fate, pathology and associated disease (2016), see Youtube ‘aluminium in vaccines ends up in the brain’.  AUSTRALIA: Dr Deidre Little, Paediatrician: Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine and the Young Ovary; review of safety research following two cases series of premature ovarian insufficiency (2016).  DENMARK: Dr Louise Brinth, Neurologist: orthostatic intolerance and postural tachycardia syndrome as suspected adverse effects of vaccination against human papilloma virus (2015).  CANADA: Dr Lucija Tomljenovic, Research Scientist: Too fast or not too fast: The FDA’s Approval of Merck’s HPV Vaccine Gardasil (2010); Death after quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination: Causal or Coincidental (2012).  Postural orthostatic tachycardia with chronic fatigue after HPV vaccination as part of the ‘autonomic / auto-inflammatory syndrome’ induced by adjuvants (2014).  JAPAN: T Kinoshita: Peripheral sympathetic nerve dysfunction in adolescent Japanese girls following immunisation with the human papillomavirus vaccine (2014).  K Ozawa: Suspected adverse effects after human papilloma virus vaccination: a temporal relationship between vaccine administration and the appearance of symptoms in Japan (2017).  ITALY: B Palmieri, Severe somatoform and dysautonomic syndromes after HPV vaccination; case series and review (2017). MEXICO: Manuel Martínez-Lavín. COLUMBIA: M Pompilo: Motor and sensory clinical findings in girls vaccinated against human papillomavirus from Carmen de Bolivar, Columbia, (2016).  ISRAEL: Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld: HPV vaccines and autoimmune disease link called ‘ASIA’; ‘Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants’.  NETHERLANDS: Lareb, National Health Regulator: Long lasting adverse effects following immunisation with Cervarix (2015).

The World Cup bonus ball has been awarded to the Japanese, of course.  They may have lost on penalties to the Belgians, but they sure left their changing room immaculate and with a note of thanks to their hosts.  Respect, honour and all that.  Back, in the pre-qualifiers, in March 2013 to be precise, they started another qualifying trial.  That trial was of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.  Just three months later it was stopped (far short of extra time) but it was stopped – due to penalties.  Those numerous serious, adverse, side effects.  The resultant 130 harms cases are now in the Tokyo courts, while vaccine rates in Japan have fallen to just 1%.  The hot air is going out of that particular football, all too sadly.

“Show ‘em the Yellow Card, Please Ref”

Rod Stewart, that silver mopped former lothario has had some truly great songs.  His most famous, penned about his first sexual experience was not so much Maggie May, rather, he sung about: Maggie did.  Not just a single(s) guy, his album: Every Picture Tells a Story spoke of another truth.  The picture below likely didn’t make the short list of the album cover sleeve.  But it does, for sure, tell a story.  Sadly, while suffering from a hefty dose of Regulatory Capture, NICE and the NHS repeatedly steal a line from Rod, exclaiming: “I don’t want to talk about it”.  Never, ever – “please just move along Maggie and drop the chorus line about vaccine harms”.

The above picture telling story, was obtained under the UK’s Freedom of Information Act.  They have rules you know, the words about which must accompany any use of the above image as I quote: The data included in this graph is used by permission of the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and is Crown Copyright, therefore any further copies cannot be made without permission of the copyright holder.

When looking at the data it is important to note that the inclusion of a particular reported reaction does not necessarily mean it has been caused by the vaccine, only that the reporter had a suspicion it may have.  The MHRA encourages such reporting to ensure it can continually appraise the safety of vaccines and medicines. As most vaccines are administered to very large numbers of people every year, some recipients will experience illness following vaccination and underlying or concurrent illnesses may also be responsible.  The MHRA keeps all reports of suspected side effects under continual review to ensure that any new risks are quickly identified.

For this reason, it is very important that this information is not interpreted as a list of possible side effects, nor should these data be used to estimate the frequency of side effects or to compare the safety profile of different vaccines.  For a list of the known, possible side effects and the frequency please refer to the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) or the Summary of medicinal Products Characteristic (SmPC) for healthcare professionals. These documents can be accessed on the Electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC) website        (http://emc.medicines.org.uk)

So, mindful of the above M’Lud, I won’t infer that: Guillain-Barré syndrome, early onset infertility, teenage menopause, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, swollen and painful joints, and deaths as noted under VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) are anything other than coincidental and purely anecdotal.  No way am I ever inferring that.  Not, ever (perhaps).  But I might infer a reluctance of the MHRA (and others) to listen to the many tens of thousands of girls and Mothers when raising severe harms, post HPV vaccination.  One such Irish Mother asked her own GP five times to report to the authorities the post HPV vaccine harms inflicted upon her daughter.  No report was submitted by that GP or hundreds of other health professionals throughout the World who see but ignore vaccine harms.  It’s more than their job’s worth in many cases to remind folks that vaccination is not Immunity – hence all the re-dosing. But the constantly elevated titre readings, those overly active anti-bodies they may just tell a confirmatory story of harms.  So let’s test away…

A hard PIL to swallow

The PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) should be given to all people, or their legal guardian(s), before any vaccine is administered.  It’s aim is to ensure fully informed consent.  But, it rarely is ever consent, as in fully informed.  The HPV vaccine PIL lists ‘seizures’ amongst other harms – so just, why wouldn’t you want to read it?  Seizures that can go on for life, with a heightened forever, immune system, post vaccination.  After all it’s what the adjuvant is designed to do.  But harms are only looked at for up to 14 days post vaccination, in a vaccine that is expected to last for decades, or even for life.

Heard Immunity

Herd immunity is often trotted out, but their science is more heard (from others) than ‘herd’ confirmed.  Well, what did you hear?  The evidence of viral mutation is everywhere, from flu viruses to chicken pox.  Amongst those universally vaccinated against measles, we have measles outbreaks that occur regularly.  Go figure.  Meanwhile, limited exposure to wild strain chicken pox means that the older citizen and the immune compromised are suffering increasingly serious shingles outbreaks, as an unintended consequence.  In the game of Life Cricket, Mother Nature Always Bats Last.  Even if some tamper with the ball.

Not So Grand a Pox

Finally, back to my sunny fella yesterday, who had been most adept at stating how good vaccines had been at eliminating ‘this disease and that’.  But, as the ending of The Plague was pre-vaccine, he’d skipped that I’d noted.  Anyway, his bonus ball was the elimination of Smallpox.  Held up as self evident and a known mantra in polite dinner parties he proclaimed “everyone knows smallpox was eradicated by vaccines”.  Finally, my almost Jordan Petersonesque/Cathy Newman “gotcha” moment, had duly arrived.  And the sun was still shining.  I referred to British GP, Dr Richard Halvorsen’s book: Vaccines a Parent’s Guide, to quote from page 59: From 1948 – 1957, there were 26 deaths from smallpox in England and Wales and 34 deaths caused by the smallpox vaccination.  That was why they stopped vaccinating against smallpox, but only in 1971…  In referencing over 600 studies for his book, Dr Halvorsen spent nearly a decade on vaccine research.  The Repeaters (of others mantras) may run the World, but the Enquirers do, increasingly, have their place.  More so, as there is nothing so powerful as an Idea Whose Crime Has Come.  For our motivation.  Enter stage left, HPV vaccination, as tragically the new Thalidomide, – but on a larger scale.  That too started, as ‘merely anecdotal’, evidence.

Book ‘em, Danno

Was a strapline from Hawaii Five O.  But in reading many a book, those worthy tomes from the medical school insiders, just one thing stands out.  No one gets booked, not even by Danno, nor by those seeming ‘canary in the mine’ medics.  They don’t, to a man nor woman, dare mention the potential harms from vaccine inflation, as might be suffered in: PolyVaxxiny.  Do not ever, ever, go there.  Even when medics mention ‘too many pills’ or ‘the end of illness’ do they ever ask: “are the younger generations ‘immune compromised’ and increasingly depressed due to over-vaccination”. Just as you have a no fly zone for safety, some of us have a no prick zone – being vaccine free for over 50 years and we’ve all yet to drop like flies.  What if less, truly is: more? – an UnVaccinated study would show us that.  If we dare look hard enough and undertake a clinical study, immune and free, as a World first, untainted by commercial interests.  Then, if the UnVaccinated (or less vaccinated) are in fact healthier, we scale back the vaccine schedule.  Perhaps, resulting in us being as well as Grandma used to be in her youth.   Back when she spent half her days eating mud & worms and ingesting un-denatured foods.

“Is it wilful blindness or just ignorance” to quote again that sage, Jordan Peterson.  Or is it: ignor-ance of so many of the facts increasingly evident before us.