“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Good Food Stores, They Could Catch On

Jul 11, 2018

Milk that Thistle, Baby

I took a trip down South yesterday to visit a food ‘shop’ as it had turned out nice again.  But actually, it turns out, my old veganista friends, that food, with a capital F – has recently become a bit of a war zone.  In the shop, nay, more of a ‘health lovers’ emporium, first up I spot milk thistle (silymarin) on the shelves.  But, as for milk thistle not being great for you – pull the udder one.  It seems it’s a great natural anti-inflammatory and liver restorer.  Speaking of which, back in the good old, pre-freezer days, we used to keep a cow in the larder.  But not nearly as big a cow who used to serve up our insipid, barely cooked, school dinners.  Them were the days – what with wholesale rickets and flared trousers everywhere.  But, as recently as five years ago the UK’s Chief Medical Officer stated that rickets were making an unhealthy comeback, due to the current keenness to hide away and screen up – against natural and sunny Vitamin D.

Bad Bach Remedies?

Well, it seems there are none.  Blimey, some folks huh? their spalling is appelling.  Then I caught myself on and put a rocket up my Google: “I’ve got a bad back Doc, as in I can’t get off it”.  But, my little petal, these bach remedies – well, they’ve been used as natural flower remedies for 100 years.  The bach remedies being stored in grape based brandy, and gluten free, no less for a while.  Some even drink to that.  Bach remedies gently restore the Yin and Yang of modern life – just when a cricket bat, even deftly wielded, simply won’t work on the brain.

Controlling The Cabinet

Food really should only be written with a capital F.  Food, it sustains us, after all.  But then there’s Theresa May, or maybe not.  A lady who has fully waded in with her opine.  Mrs May has vented forth on food, threatening a tax to the max strategy (well, tuppence is a start) on those nasty McFatFoods.  Foods that should really be labelled McSugarFoods – that in reality make the average Mr McDonald, well, fat.  Mrs May is clearly in charge of her cabinet, (the bathroom one at least is a start) so she is hell bent on taxing calories.  That is, rather than the real core of the problem, which is of course, our lab coated friends, those food: chemicals – with a capital C.  Looks like Mrs, may wish to avoid a load of Big Aggro with Big Agri.

A Lake To Swim In?

So ‘chem’ it seems is fully out – while calories (as if they’re all equal) are, clearly, in.   Mrs May should always mind the gap and carefully read the label.  The former will avoid her going down the tube –  and the latter will identify what is actually in some ‘food’.  Despite of course, many foods being made from coded language ingredients.  First up and leading the charge of the fright brigade must be Skittles.  Those cuddly kitten ‘foods’ so beloved of kiddies everywhere, full of: ‘Red Lake 40’.  It swims copiously in Skittles – sweets guys, really? Why not just call Red Lake 40 what it is, aluminium as in: a known neurotoxin, mood disrupter and a cancer causer to animals and humans.  Far beyond those who have ever taken in aluminium laced: antacids, aspirin – or those who have ever lived in Camelford

It’s Nuts – But Not As We Know it, Jim

Meanwhile back down South, in Port Erin, I became an un-virgin.  I had my first ever dairy free pistachio ice cream – and no, not a quick one, but a long lingering tub of niceness.  It really took the (free from, no gluten, light on the lactose) biscuit.  Then I ate the, well, not quite but almost ice cream – all without… any cream in it.  I’m clearly so last century.  It’s nuts – whole pistachio’s nuts that is. I oh, so, wanted not to like it – yet it was actually, quite delish.  I hate it when my biases and (barn fresh, free range) chickens don’t quite come home – to my roost.  Two quid well spent, washed down with a cup of, sugar free, milky Earl Grey – fab, philistine that I am.

Stavros, What Did They Sting You For That?

The nettle tea also on offer might also have stung me for another quid.  So I didn’t have that – being a fully signed up tight wad, but one not dying of thirst.  Just then.  But then maybe I should have had another cuppa?  Scoff ye not, oh not so fat fool – it seems it’s actually quite the thing.  Nettles, being a beneficial perennial were first used by the ancient Greeks.  Seems they quell allergies, improve the skin and aid bone and urinary health.  You can use the stem, the leaves and roots too, as they contain ample amounts of serotonin and histamine.  Nettles are even used to relieve urinary urgency and to help those with an enlarged prostate.  So, what’s not to like about them as in: forever and ever, dear Demis?

Mother “there’s No F in Food, in the Fridge”

Casting my eyes around down South again, I’d spied two fridges.  With Capital F’s – but their contents are tribally and utterly butterly, incompatible – but who’d want such a spread on bread?  The right hand fridge has free from this, and less than that – but whole chilled foods, like nutty ice cream.  While the left hand fridge had locally made, saliva inducing ‘meaty goods’.  Including, some vacuum packed slices of local chorizo from responsible ‘kind to’, farmers – catering for every taste, tribe and tongue.  The emporium even had a fair smattering of probiotics to aid the gut and seal those leaks, many say.  Meanwhile, the average Stateside ‘foodie’ suggests 20 – 50 billion CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) of probiotic products are simply the best.  But who’d count those one by one – little blighters, sorry I mean, gut helpers.  We used to call it food, before Big Ag’ let loose.  We need every help to avoid being ‘up on bricks’ and suffering from the lesser known SIBO: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Calling Time On Football – It’s Not Coming Home

And so, finally, I ventured up north for my long journey home.  But not so long, as England – who tonight (and for once?) made a bit of a horses @rse of kicking a pig’s bladder around for 90 minutes in the World Cup.  England, as always so full of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and gravy, came 2nd out of just two teams – now, there’s a first.  As, Pickford’s removals included two balls out from the back of his own net.

So, football, no, it’s not coming home – unless of course you happen to live in Zagreb or Paris.  But good, honest and un-denatured food: I’ve a homely feeling that it might be.