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HPV Vaccine Debates: Harms in 52 Countries

Nov 1, 2018

I’m moderating three public debates on the 3rd and 4th of December, on the Isle of Man, but the ‘other side’ is, for now, hiding in the bushes.  Though a local GP did use the words: “anti-vaxxer, fear, scare tactics and lack of science” in a public chat we had over dinner on Monday night.  I happened to mention: “injecting undigested protein, viral-like DNA particles, patented infertility ingredients, and neurotoxic metals” in my reply – and that the 8th year, Christina Tarsell’s legal battle in the US confirmed that the HPV vaccine did indeed cause her death. Sadly, there will be many more cases heading for the Courts. Japan for one, is seeing many legal cases after their 2013 foreshortened clinical trial, due to so many harmed girls. Small countries in the Irish Sea, take note.

The countries below clearly don’t have post-HPV vaccination adverse effects harms groups, while girls and their families, have nothing better to do than make up deaths and life-changing harms, post-HPV vaccination from Gardasil, Cervarix and Gardasil 9 vaccines. The latter containing the most neuro toxic, aluminium hydroxide salts of all.

Post-HPV vaccination harms and deaths in 52 Countries – all ‘anecdotal and purely a coincidence’ of course:

England, USA, Sweden, France, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Columbia, Israel, Netherlands, France, India, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Austria, India, South Africa, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, The Dominican Republic, Martinique, Philippines, Russia, Malta, Gibraltar, and, my home Country of the Isle of Man…

Debate Event 1

Where: The Manx Museum, 1 Kingswood Grove, Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM1 3LY.
When: 7.30 pm on Monday, December 3rd, 2018.
Presentation by Bio-Inorganics Chemistry Professor, Dr Chris Exley of Keele University, entitled: “Aluminium and HPV Vaccines”.

Debate Event 2

Where: Mountain View Innovation Centre (the former film studios) Jurby Road, Ramsey, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM7 2DZ.
When: 10.00 am on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018.  Presentation by Dr Sherri Tenpenny, entitled: “The Real Truth about The Gardasil Vaccine”.  We will also be showing a short film – Sacrificial Virgins – as an aid to fully informed consent.

Debate Event 3

Where: The Manx Museum, 1 Kingswood Grove, Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM1 3LY.
When: 12.30 pm on Tuesday, 4th December 2018.
Presentation by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, entitled: “The Real Truth about The Gardasil Vaccine”.  We will also be showing a short film –  Sacrificial Virgins – as an aid to fully informed consent.

Risks Versus Benefits

The HPV vaccine is intended to reduce cervical cancer (but has never been shown to do so in a clinical trial). Only 1 in 10,000 women with HPV infection goes on to contract cervical cancer.  In the US, annually, 3 women per 100,000 die of cervical cancer, while 2.3% HPV vaccinated (2,300 women per 100,000) officially suffer serious harms. Japan ceased their HPV vaccine trials five years ago, with cases of harms during that trial, now in the Tokyo Courts. It’s likely that less than one injury in 100 is reported by doctors and nurses – to do so, results in, to quote them, ‘professional suicide’.

 It’s official: Where the US goes first, the world often follows. Below, the escalating number of vaccines on the official US, CDC, (Centres for Disease Control) vaccine schedule. This increasing ‘schedule’ has never been clinically tested in any combination for mitochondrial, or other harms.

1962    Polio, Smallpox, DTP (Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis). Total of 3 (pre-school) vaccines in 1962.

Vaccines given at age in (months), in brackets ( ) not years, below:

1983    DTP (2), Polio (2), DTP (4), Polio (4), DTP (6), MMR (15), DTP (18), Polio (18), DTP (48), Polio (48). Total of 10 vaccines in 1983.

2018    Flu (pregnancy), DTaP (pregnancy), Hep B (birth), Hep B (2), Rotavirus (2), DTaP (2), Hib (2), PCV (2), IPV (2), Hep B (4), Rotavirus (4), DTaP (4), Hib (4), PCV (4), IPV (4), Hep B (6), Rotavirus (6), DTaP (6), Hib (6), PCV (6), IPV (6), Flu (12), Hib (12), PCV (12), MMR (12), Varicella (12) Hep A (12), DTaP (48), Polio (48), MMR (48), Varicella (48), Flu (60 months), HPV, years 11 and 12.
Total of 40 vaccine doses in 2018 – plus the annual flu ‘shot’…

How to Create a Vaccine Epidemic

In 1985, US President Ronald Reagan made vaccine manufactures exempt from legal prosecution of vaccine-induced harms. Overnight, the vaccine industry became a highly profitable, but risk-free bet. In 1986, the US introduced the National Vaccine Compensation Injury Act, and has since paid out over $3.7 billion in vaccine damages. Overseen by special masters, sitting in private courts, with no jury, and no right of document discovery. Those compensated are subject to gagging orders.

Monkey Business – US CDC Listed Official Vaccine Ingredients

Quite a soup, these injected ingredients: monkey kidney cells, human diploid (aborted) cells, foetal bovine serum, aluminium hydroxide, calf serum, egg protein, yeast, Medium 199 without calf serum, formaldehyde, hydrolysed casein, lactose, aluminium phosphate, bovine albumin, polysorbate 80, squalene, fermentation growth medium, chick embryo cell culture, human diploid lung fibroblasts, hydrolysed gelatine, borax, polysorbate 20, neomycin, monosodium L-glutamate, EDTA, Fenton medium with bovine extract.  Then we’ll ask about peanut oil adjuvant approved since 1974, in UK…

Best Take Your PIL (PIL = the ‘Patient Information Leaflet’)

Gardasil 9 is a Black Triangle Warning Product, officially requiring ‘additional monitoring’…  Harms listed on the PIL include: swollen glands (neck, armpit, or groin); muscle weakness, abnormal sensations, tingling in arms, legs & upper body, (Guillain-Barré Syndrome, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis); vomiting, joint pain, aching muscles, unusual tiredness or weakness, chills, generally feeling unwell, bleeding or bruising more easily than normal and skin infection at the injection site.  “They should add death and infertility to the list” Courtenay Heading October 29th, 2018. To attend the filmed debates, please email me: Courtenay@JurbyWellness.im