Just as we needed to talk about Kevin, we also need to talk about Liability Free Vaccines (LFV’s).  “But Matron, that’ll just get me un-invited to the boys night out, or worse still, the girls night in”.  Specifically, why we need to talk about LFV’s, is because, since 1985 you can’t sue a vaccine manufacturer, Stateside, in open court.  In 1985 a Law was passed preventing litigation for vaccine harms caused by their manufacturers.  But, the Law was passed in less than plain sight, after which the US vaccine schedule was more than tripled in the number of doses.   That Law prevents any litigation that had until then been a global plague on… the much smaller vaccine industry.  That’s their dirty little secret, about their dirty little ‘medical’ product, injected as a medical procedure.

With few breakthrough drugs in the 1980’s pipeline, suddenly, vaccine schedule escalation became a risk free bet and multi billion dollar bonanza.  Just as flared trousers were out, it seems ‘new romantics’ and multiple vaccine Up$ide, was in. “Prick all those babies, Baby – my new condo beckons”.  With no questions asked, then, or now, by the Regulators.

Suddenly flu fear was all the rage, as the rush to vaccinate gave us ever newer flu products: FluMist, Fluvirin, Flublok, Fluad, FluShield, Fluarix, Fluzone, and Aluria.  Then there’s Flucelvax which is kept frozen and ‘banked’, just in ca$e, of a lucrative, $orry accidental, pandemic.  I’m sure they are all safe, but in any case they are all listed as being able to be compensated by the 1988 (US) Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme, if you suffer harms, or death, as listed.  Flu viruses are grown in eggs – maybe that’s why some have such eggstreme intolerance to eggs, so early in life – nowadays.  Just saying – whether you are a member of the public or even, perhaps, a US Senator, suffering from flu vaccine after effects?

It’s not Cuddly Kitten

You know how you used to see ‘Made In Derby, England’ (MIDE) as a badge of industrial product honour. Well, did you know that flu vaccines are also knocked up using Madin-Darby Cannine Kidney (MDCK).  So, dog and their kidneys, that’s right.  Not cuddly kitten, clearly – then ‘the combo’ is injected into young kids, pregnant women, and even more oddly, the immune compromised, older folks.  Meanwhile, those young kiddie kidneys, being unable to clean, and process, the extreme bits of young (or old?) dog kidney grown viruses.  ‘No kid left behind and all that’ in the escalation of autoimmune diseases.  Via, we think, vaccine contamination via retroviruses. “Are you dogging me, kids?” asks Grand Pa. The kids reply, “are you sh!tting me, Grand Pa?”.  “Nope” Grand Pa replies, “but the vaccine products, sure might be”.

Testing Times

With so much contamination on board the vaccine, we sure are in testing times.  Step forward, acclaimed EU accredited Scientists, Dr Antoinetta Gatti, and Dr Stefano Montanaro, who have just had their Italian lab shut down, and their assets seized.  Their ‘crime’… was finding toxic particles in vaccines.  Their story has a way to run.  A flu vaccine wasn’t just content to contain formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, and egg protein, they also bring us: human ovalbumin, mercury, and squalene.  That was the ‘good’ stuff, while the lab located nasties which are unlisted, but should never be injected as nano particles into the human body.

It’s a Dog, Jim – But Not As We Know It.

If, being a bit Chicken Little, you may not want your flu vaccine grown on the 500 million chicks used each flu ‘season’ then maybe you fancy it being grown on, and upscaled, in something a bit less dirty, a bit more dare we say: cuddly kitten.  Drum roll, bring on the puppy farming process, as the vaccine industry is actually, (not so fresh) out of cats.  While flu vaccines are grown in dog ‘cell’ medium nowadays, some may ask what could possibly go wrong?  Especially with all those trans-species diseases, my little swine flu piglet?  It’s more than a Pork Barrel industry of influence, it’s why no one is calling it “time out”.  Just Yet.

President Ronald Reagan famously said it’s the “it’s the economy stupid”.  At the same time, in passing his Liability Free Vaccine Laws, in 1985, he might now look back in anger and say: “it’s the combo stupid’.  Truly Tragic, my old Gipper.  While escalating vaccine schedules, in combination, have become a football of future liability to be kicked into the long grass – with $4 billion paid out, to date, in vaccine harms compensation. The human cost of course, is unmeasurable.

Commercial In Confidence (trick?)

Food labelling is strictly controlled with all ingredients needing to be listed, yet, the vaccine products industry is able to play Monopoly, while holding a handful of Get Out of Jail Free cards. Their industry is unique, as they don’t have to list all their ingredients – meanwhile containing contaminants which are banned as foodstuffs.  Go figure. Could this convenient ‘oversight’ lead to escalating global vaccine carnage?  Flu vaccines are dirty products, based on dirty secrets – but it may yet catch a cold.  As: what snot clear is if flu vaccine effectiveness and safety is actually based on atishoo of lies.