Giant Health, London

Nov 11, 2016

Well, just one week to go until Giant Health, London. For a first time launch event they’ve attracted some Global heavyweights and original thinkers.

I can’t wait to hear Aubrey de Grey, speak about the technology and learning we have today ‘may enable human beings to live indefinitely’ – do we get to choose who wins that particular lottery ticket? Another presentation that’s caught my eye is the future of healthcare ‘from do it for me to DIY’ – the era of us taking command of our bodies and bathrooms is upon us. Good too, to see to they’ve a presentation of cancer survivorship and how to help solve the social isolation while on the journey to recovery.

So, this event will be my first outing to speak about the Jurby Wellness Incubation Centre, testing out our aims and ideas with fellow delegates always helps. My presentation ‘From Sickcare to Wellness’ will highlight how greater spending hasn’t led to greater wellness, particularly in the US. The focus now is moving rapidly to one based on modifying patient behaviour with that being the single biggest contributor to non genetic, inherited, disease. There will be no lack of smart people to learn from at Giant – the hard part as ever is converting that to reality. See you there!