“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Dan Medical – When Life Critical Oxygen Is More Than Hot Air

Dec 31, 2016

White van man, dontcha just love him – especially when he’s loaded to the gunnels and bearing down on YOU in the fast lane of the M6 in the fog?  But this white van delivery is a bit special for many of us.  Not just because Dan Medical founder, Ian Drysdale, is moving his family to The Island but more because he’s relocating and expanding his hyperbaric manufacturing business here.  He’s a quietly spoken expert in long distance medical grade communication and a very welcome addition to our BioMed Business Incubation Centre ideals.  Dan Medical targets remote and hazardous environments providing an over the air umbilical cord to saturation divers in highly pressurised environments.  In short, their mission critical ‘life support in a box’ is vital for when the human body is literally on a knife edge.  To declare my interest I’m joining Dan Medical to help Business Development, and expanding their bottom line will be more than hot air for us all.  Happy New Year – Be Well.