“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

The Worm Has Turned Against Glyphosate On Island

Aug 24, 2017

It’s been an agricultural week on Island.  Not agricultural in a slow speed, tractor trudge sense, but quicker as in the observation of a wheely exciting movement gaining traction.  Last week we met our Agriculture Department to discuss ‘glyphosate free fields’.  What is glyphosate? Well, it’s the ‘active’ ingredient in the herbicide Roundup.  Not content with bringing you DDT and Agent Orange (ask Vietnam) the Monsanto Machine brought you glyphosate.  Now, it’s off patent and manufactured as a generic herbicide, so it’s everywhere.  First patented as: 1) a chelator (to remove mineral scaling in pipes) and 2) as an anti-biotic, it is now literally & liberally used in every Country on the Planet, fully identifiable in land, sea and air.  With glyphosate found throughout our ‘earth to cloud’ system it can truly rain on your parade.

I re-looked at glyphosate as it’s featuring infamously throughout the first two episodes of the internet streamed GMO’s Uncovered.  The series is mind boggling: linking glyphosate and other ingredients in Roundup to the Western health devastation of inflammatory and auto immune dis-eases: from diabetes to irritable bowel and Alzheimer’s. Where once we had far less but, later, dis-eases in old age, it’s now in their 30’s that the patient is falling ever more ill. What if it’s not just something in the water, but expressly in the hijacking of the essential plant (and our) shikimate pathways?  No shikimate Sherlock?  What if our nature bestowed P450 cytokine toxin repair mechanism has been repeatedly compromised.  What if the ‘get to market’ 90 day mouse trial was prematurely halted before showing the full cellular system harms?  What if… the harms evidenced in the real world expose the limited view that the lab didn’t?

What too if the upstream animal feeds had been genetically modified by seeds with amino acids selected to not die when sprayed with poisons?  One heck of a lot, of if’s and buts and maybe’s but: this millennial generation will be the first in human history not to outlive their parents.  What if genetically modified seed enables a double crop for the Farmer but their patented seeds adversely became a debt instrument – a method of insidious ransom.  As fields crops and humans become ever more nutrient deficient the stressed plant yields are asked to deliver ever more short term, but soil depletion and exhaustion sets in before the decade is out.  That makes for a false economy, one at odds with natural selection while better crop education and management can (yet) double current food production.  Why should we worry if desiccation (false fast drying) means wheat is Roundup drenched right before harvesting – as killing makes for easy harvesting we’re told.  Dead easy.

Imagine the economic opportunities if an Island mandated by solid Rule of Law a ‘pesticide free product’ and tested by Law all claims of ‘organic’.  Even if we reach such a nirvana, if we stopped using glyphosate now it will take decades to fully leave our fields and our bodies.  Yet, this week, an Isle of Man project to grow ‘glyphosate free’ was approved at Board level.  Let’s salute also Dr Stephanie Seneff along with her colleague Anthony Samsel whose Paper, identified not just glyphosate food poisoning, but also the compromised vaccines containing egg & gelatine from glyphosated sources.  In time, many think the Paper be shown as to have been so ‘on the money’ – but maybe that’s just why it is currently so shouted down.  It views from afar a global experiment gone horribly, tragically, wrong.

We’re going back to biology, to biologics.  We’re so done with the chemical health era, it’s now time for the biology of wellness to assume centre stage.  The worm has turned and the consumer is speaking ever louder – it’s certain that given time Corporations and Governments must follow.