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With An A To Z Of Infinite Possibilities: What About VCode For Authentic Med’s

Aug 31, 2017

Some ideas just hit home, when you wake up and realise that their time has truly come. Founded in 2012, VCode is a five year overnight success story and has the ability to revolutionise the way financial transactions are undertaken. So, what has that got to do with medicinal applications you may ask? Well, traceability and anti – counterfeiting in the medical industry for two.

Imagine you send your high quality, dose defined, pure med’s out of the door – you’d want to know if they’ve been subject to extreme hot or cold and where they have been on their journey before getting to the end patient. VCode enables that traceability to take place as part of end-to-end supply chain authentication. Imagine too, if your high levels of (expensive) procedures and quality control were not shared by others and they counterfeited your med’s – only to sell them at rock bottom prices on the black market. Not only ‘is the risk in the price’ the ‘risk is in the knock off’ product – literally a life and death situation. So counterfeiting isn’t just a concern with ink stained paper being turned into (illegal) dollar bills, it’s about life. The words Product Provenance will increasingly matter with anything we put into our bodies or give to our loved ones. The solution: a marked per pill, individual, mini VCode.

The VCode is a unique identifier (a 21st Century QR code) and when image captured by a smartphone can access specific information depending upon who captured the image, their location and the time of capture. A VCode can also be photo captured from moving objects. Even if 30% of the VCode image is not picked up due to camera lens quality the VCode retains its’ unique identifier attributes. It can also verify private content sent to specific individuals which can be geo-fenced to ensure ‘precise location, person only’ viewing – think about that in your valuable medicinal formulations or patent applications. Permissions can even be changed ‘on the fly’ via VST Enterprises VPlatform, ensuring infinite possibilities to eliminate counterfeiting.

With a Manchester head office, the headache for Founder Louis-James Davis is identifying the right staff as VST grows Globally with offices in: Singapore, India and the US with further planned expansion into Africa. In short, wow, what a breakthrough – it probably even beats a faxed prescription as a medical technology.