“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Health Spending Everywhere – Now on LIFE Support

Jan 16, 2018

Sadly, it’s The Season of mass sickness – from a few sniffles, to plenty of colds, through to full blown global flu epidemics.  More tragically, is to read of hospitals where people have died whilst parked up in the corridors, before even getting into a spare bed, on the ward.  The natural reaction everywhere, is that ‘health’ budgets are too small, with every type of treatment ‘under funded’.  The ‘above inflation rate’ spending increases of the last thirty years have somehow not been nearly enough.  But what IF the model is, dare we say, wrong.

What if, by calling sick treatment ‘health’, we don’t just delude the patients and staff but the ever more pressured ‘under’ funders who are asked to dig deeper too?  What if we defined Wellness and renamed the NHS the NSCS.  The National Sick Care Service.  Care being the vital word and being legally enshrined as a duty on a journey towards long term patient Wellness.  What if a ‘see at a glance’ measurement of immune system resilience could be measured, maintained or even improved, right into old age?  What if the lessons of wholescale, multi decade, antibiotic resistance were learnt and a less IS more philosophy, was adopted.  What if the causes of inflammatory diseases were heeded and a ‘citizen / social contract’ bound all Governments to not make them worse, by their actions?  “Nurse, please un-plug the carbonated drinks and de-natured food machine” as a simple starter.  The Hospital is too expensive a ‘hotel’ to provide poor and (long term) un-fundable choices.

There’s Never Enough Money, Everywhere.

The US spends 20x more per patient than Cuba but is a sicker society on every measure.  The US spends $10,000 per patient per annum while Cuba gets by on a more measly $500.  The Cubans though, win on every other measure, especially: lower infant mortality rates, more pill free WellSpan through middle age, plus length of life lived.  So how is that?  Well, with no dog in this fight, some say, it’s to do with less false positives of over diagnoses, a much reduced vaccine schedule and far fewer invasive ‘treatment’ operations.  Plus, maybe the Cubans have a more direct line in conversations: “it’s yer diet doing for your digestive tract, baby” and less sharp tongued chit chat, such as: “we can whip out yer gallbladder (and drain yer bulging wallet at the same time) Mr Money Machine”.

“Nurse, pass me the scalpel – finally it’s time for that Radicalectomy”.

So, perhaps we need a health, or more importantly a Wellness ‘Radicalectomy’.  We need new thinking that cuts deep into the ‘spend more yet we get worse’ mentality.  What about incrementally taking up to 20% of the budget and applying it to defined 20 year Wellness goals?  Or perhaps, starting a true Wellness Fund, with the sole goals of keeping people Well – and rewarding ‘the system workers’ accordingly.  Only then can we start to build an Informed Patient Physician Partnership for the next generation – an essential part of our educational curriculum.  That way we won’t use up all their health ‘green shield stamps’, nor overplay the ‘get out of jail free’ cards of youth.  If we never bite the informed patient bullet, we’ll be burdened by society’s hand brake with an upwards only, ‘health’ spend – yet on increasingly sick people.

Top of The Pops This Week: Rewarding Wellness

The charts vary by Country, by taste and by habits, but these might top the list on the road less travelled:

1) Define ‘Wellness’ in its long term condition and recognise all its contributors.

2) Mandate Wellness as a human right, where Governments never contribute to chronic ill health (via junk food in their premises).

3) Review the work of Keele University Researcher, Dr Chris Exley whose autopsies identified excessively high brain cell aluminium in autism patients (for making such a link, his life has just been threatened).  He has a similar view on Alzheimer’s patients and their unusually high aluminium content in the brain.

4) Review the work of Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University on reversing diabetes, usually achieved in under one month (formerly known as ‘reversible’ diabetes).  Review the ongoing drug treatment habits of insulin creep.

5) Review the work on long lived and long distance athletes, eating ‘un-denatured’ paleo and high natural fats diets.  From East to West ‘sugar expectant’ bodies are killing Chinese and US citizens in record numbers.

6) Mandate by Law ‘Five Meds Max by 2020’.  Each extra drug interaction is unknowable, uniquely personal and debilitating to individual ‘whole body’ system interactions – an expensive example of the Law of Diminishing Returns.

7) Examine the link to high Omega 3 foods for brain cognition and improved mood health to help reduce ever growing reliance on anti-depressant use.

8) Examine the evidence that excessive carbs/sugars/glucose feed the escalation in cancer cell growth.  Review the 1930’s work of Nobel Prize Winner, Dr Otto Warburg: ‘cancer is, above all, a fermentation process’.

9) Become an independently certified, Glyphosate free location.  With Malta already banning Glyphosate, history still favours the brave.  Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the Roundup herbicide, designed to puncture the guts of insects – might it now also be doing the same thing to young human beings?

10) With 14 Countries now officially notifying of HPV vaccination harmed girls, which Country might lead the World in analysing all blood, pre and post, HPV vaccination – for the production of constantly, over-elevated, antibodies?

11) The current ‘rash’ of flu vaccines don’t seem to be effective, as they chase unknowable, ever more evasive and mutating strains.  See: Tamiflu flu vaccine analysis by Professor Carl Heneghan of Oxford University (refer BMJ Open).

12) The National Institute of Clinical ‘Excellence’ has just halved the heart attack risk level (from 20% risk to 10%) at which statins are to be recommended – so ‘disease mongering’ millions more unwitting people.  Cholesterol is a natural, in every cell, repair mechanism for a, dare we say, ‘lazy’ body.  What if diet, exercise and vitamin D (the master hormone) was the cheapest ‘prescription’ to reduce chronic inflammation for which cholesterol, unasked yet naturally, rides to the rescue?

Hans, Please Turn Down The Pressure Cooker

The Germans are known for many finely engineered things.  In the health and sports arena they always win on penalties – but in Wars they usually lose on shoot outs.  But, they have a new fixation which is now crossing the Channel and onto the beaches – ready to invade the British Isles.  That being blood pressure monitoring.  Some say they have an unusual obsession with it, taking ever larger numbers of medications for both low and high blood pressure.  Rumour has it that ‘high’ blood pressure is the next ‘disease mongering’ mass medication target for which the UK is now in the cross hairs.  Once again some Doc’s and some patients are ignoring the sedentary, sugar expectant, oxygen starved, bodily causes.  If we could spend less while achieving greater Wellness for everyone it would certainly lower the blood pressure, not just of the bean counters, but of all of us.  Now, you don’t need a cuff monitor to see that.