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Statins – Scientific Fraud: Increased Cancer Risks and The Cholesterol Con

Jan 30, 2018

With a danger of dancing to an old tune, I blogged about statin risks and benefits last year highlighting our on Island, public debate, in September 2017 (please see: http://welltube.im/ – scroll down to 2nd video).

Since then I’ve been watching a Youtube video masterclass which highlights the immense harms of statins, over decades.  These harms have been perpetuated in plain sight, by the sick treatment industry.  World leading Cardiovascular Surgeon, Professor Sherif Sultan of the Galway Clinic was the Presenter on the video.  He’s more qualified than most to comment, with a veritable roll call of scientific and medical excellence: Professor of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, President of the International Society for Vascular Surgery as well as Chairman of the Western Vascular Institute.

Speaking at a Functional Medicine Conference, the title of Professor Sultan’s Youtube lecture would draw in anyone: ‘The Known Unknowns’.  If it had been entitled ‘the unknown unknowns’ then I would have been expecting Donald Rumsfeld to turn up with a fair dose of shock and awe.  I wasn’t disappointed, as the Professors’ presentation contained just that, with confirmation of: scientific fraud, hidden cancers, regulatory collusion, commercial cover up and a deliberate, long term, burial of countless bodies of evidence.  Criminal is the word for the statinisation of otherwise healthy people – as clearly seen by those who take any time at all to do any independent research.

Gagging For It

Professor Sultan opens with “I was the Surgeon who was about to be gagged by certain organisations… that was five years ago, I’m still standing and things are changing very rapidly”.  Clearly we needed to hang on to our hats as Professor Sultan continued: “today, I hope to change everything that you have learned about statins over the past 50 – 60 years”.  If we weren’t listening clearly he continued “it’s very clear that we have major problems with the regulators”.

He cites countless trials and some 36,000 published articles for which the authors have received industry funding while defrauding the whole medical service and worst of all, the hapless patient.  The video also drew from the film $tatin Nation and Statin Nation II.  Dr Beatrice Golomb who has investigated induced suicides due to statin prescription added “in its’ effect it’s scientific fraud… it’s organised crime”.

TIME to Confess – 53 years of CHOLESTEROL lies.

1961: Time magasine front cover: Ancel Keys – Father of the lipid hypothesis.

1984: Time magasine front cover: The War on Fat and Cholesterol goes Global

2014: Time magasine front cover: Eat Butter (finally acknowledging they got it wrong).

It took Time Magasine 53 years to confirm their CHOLESTEROL mistake, which was based on a global deception by scientists and medics.  More than a deception, it is also a conspiracy of silence by the Regulators and their financially motivated, industry insider, Committees too.

Professor Sultan continued: “Ancel Keys was the guy who created the havoc.  In 1969 Eisenhower died, they all met up and as the President was a loved man – what was to ‘blame’ they asked.  Was it sugar, was it tobacco, was it fat?  Tobacco the Big Lobby they couldn’t go against, sugar, the Big Slob, they couldn’t go against, so who is the poor guy, it was fat” – with a small, but soon to be big, ‘F’.  The word FAT – was very soon to be demonised, to be more than a four letter word.  It was a manufactured food fear – they demonised the egg too (as healthy a food as you will ever eat).

Seeing $tatins through a $40 billion / year telescope

To quote the video: “we are observing the revealing of the utmost medical tragedy of all time. Never before in history has the medical institution deliberately produced a life threatening nutrient deficiency in millions of otherwise healthy people.  Any negative studies are discouraged and critical researchers are blackmailed”.

Dr Katherine Farady, from the film $tatin Nation: “I honestly don’t believe doctors do recognise statin side effects even when they’re sitting right in front of them.  I developed five new illnesses in my life in one year and the only new thing in my life was Lipitor”.  Professor Sultan continued “so you are not you alone, somebody gave her a tablet for primary prevention.  Statin use is a marker for quality of access to care – but her access worked against her”.

The Problem is not Cholesterol – likely it’s the drugs.

Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor significantly increase the risk of new onset diabetes mellitus by four fold and is irreversible and renders current diabetes mellitus uncontrollable.  One in three women will develop diabetes mellitus if they use statins, regardless of their age.  Erectile dysfunction is 10x more prevalent amongst statin taking young men – yet when statins are discontinued, over 50% had a full recovery. Still it’s TRAGIC, utterly tragic.  

As if that’s not enough, by taking a statin there is a significantly increased risk of colorectal, lung and bladder cancers, plus muscle atrophy and mind impairment.  Statin use increases the likelihood of stroke and brain haemorrhage too.  By avoiding statin use you GAIN two years of life.  BUT Pfizer eliminated these findings from their clinical trials.  Statin use actually increased the level of calcified plaque in the arteries as evidenced in real world ‘trials’.  If that isn’t scientific fraud and criminal deception, what is?

In the film $tatin Nation, Cardiologist Dr Peter Lansjoen confirms “cholesterol is essential for life and a little higher cholesterol is associated with longevity, decreased malignancies and improved defence against infections.  At least in 2017, finally, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) increased the risk warnings on the statin drug labels.  But, continued Professor Sultan “we are facing a major cover up story”.

Hardly NICE, is it?

A group of eminent medical experts wrote a warning letter on statins harms to the Chairman of the NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) highlighting their concerns over the: medicalisation of healthy individuals, hidden true levels of adverse events, hidden data, industry bias, loss of professional confidence, and conflicts of interest.  Yet, the ‘safe’ cholesterol level continues to be lowered, flying in the face of ALL the evidence, while ‘disease mongering’ millions more healthy patients via their currently trusted Physician relationships.

The Smoking Gun – The Statins Method of Action

Profess Sultan was really getting into his stride now, with the all important method of action: statins are causative in coronary arterial calcification as they inhibit the synthesis of vitamin K2, the co-factor for matrix GLA-protein activation which in turn protects arteries from calcification.  Statins function as mitochondrial toxins that impair muscle function in the heart and blood vessels through depletion of Coenzyme Q10 & Heme A.  Statins inhibit the biosynthesis of selenium containing proteins & glutathione peroxidase serving to suppress peroxidative stress which is the main cause of congestive heart failure & dilated cardiomyopathies.  The epidemic of heart failure & atherosclerosis that plague the modern world is aggravated by the use of statins.  A statin is contra-indicated for: patients over 62 years of age, any woman, and all children.

The evidence of statins harms is everywhere.  Also on Youtube Professor Sultan gives vent in a four minute ‘quickie’ video highlighting statin use as the cause of erectile dysfunction – it’s not hard is it?  Sadly, no, it isn’t.  A more natural ‘statin’ is red yeast rice and increased intake of niacin – a dietary regulator of cholesterol along with vitamin C to provide elasticity in the arterial wall.

K9, maybe a dog of a drug?

Of course, there’s always a new wonder kid on the block, so sexy it sounds like a car, the, wait for it almost James Bondesue: PCSK9 Inhibitors, a new type of monoclonal antibody.  This is the latest attempt to (sadly) block cholesterol – the substance that’s in every human cell, our last line of defence against a nutritionally poor diet, a lack of exercise, along with time loaded chronic inflammation.  Expect the short term clinical trials to be: wonderful, the long term harms to never see the light of day and the mouse model ‘evidence’ to be buried young.  If PCSK9 drugs were a car they’d be painted a very dark shade of unshiny black.  We’ve been here before guys.

More Than Twanging At Your Heart Strings

So, looking back to the 1980’s and the invented era of Peak Fat, we will likely recall Mark Knopfler, OBE, twanging his thing in the charts – while we danced happily to the Sultans of Swing.  But, if we fail to listen anew with open ears to this Sultan of Science, we will stay forever parked up, on bricks, on the health hard shoulder.  The results of our closed minds will be an ongoing over spend of our, often, sick treatment service.  Meanwhile, the long forgotten patient will continue to languish in sadly Dire Straights.

Please click here to see Professor Sherif Sultan video referred to above.

PS, there will be a further filmed public debate, with invited and qualified medics during Q2 of 2018, on the Isle of Man – details and date to follow.