“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

“Down In The Mouth” – That’ll Be The Mercury, That Will

Feb 16, 2018

I had a Dentist pop round yesterday.  Thank goodness, over the coffee, he didn’t start with: “your teeth are fine but your gums will have to come out”.  He was smiling at me – but the conversation soon turned to a darker shade of pearly whites.  He mentioned that ‘down in the mouth’ was a well known saying – one scientifically rooted in history.  That was back in the good old days when words had more simple meanings, based on a: grain, or large dollop, of truth.  He suggested watching the YouTube film: Rooted and after watching it I didn’t reach for the laughing gas, but I did need very “full on” oxygen.

The ‘anti’ Endodontist (root canal filling ‘artists’) view is that no amount of drilling, filing and final capping can get rid of the deep seated bacteria that can spread from a root canal filled tooth into the jaw and on to the rest of the body.  There is substantial evidence that mouth borne diseases can reach far off tissue and organs – while only tooth removal can eliminate the disease symptoms.  Those signalling pathways, from teeth to organs, follow the meridian lines first identified in traditional Chinese medicine – just as a computer needs both hardware and software to fully function.

Pulp Friction

Rumour has it Endodontists can skillfully take out the pulp in the root of the tooth and backfill it, while claiming that there is NO harm done.  What, qué, really, are you sure?… a bit like a brain surgeon claiming he could remove all that white pulpy stuff leaving just the cranial bone structure, while the patient would still be ‘fully functioning’.  I’ve met folks who seem to have had that done and it hasn’t gone well… After the Dentist has removed the pulp he gets to sticking fillings down into the root – if the drill comes out the bottom of your chin, he’s likely gone too far.  The pulp is the vital centre, a natural conveyor of nutrients to feed the teeth, the enamel and dentine ‘surround’.

Scotty, Felt Me Up

It seems that the term ‘Mad as a Hatter’ came from mercury usage in hat manufacture, some 200 years ago.  Mercury exposure was proven to cause neurological damage, major speech difficulties and whole body tremours.  In the Victorian era, textile workers often suffered not only from mercury poisoning but also from starvation and overwork.  So, they were even more susceptible to developing illnesses of the central nervous system including tuberculosis.  Far from Alice In Wonderland, she knew her hatter was well off the mad scale and why.  While Scotty (my trusty hat maker) did say: “I’ve never had a felt hat, that felt like this felt hat, felt”.

Brought To Book

Root canal treatments have been undertaken for 300 years and have attracted criticism for the last Century.  Dr George E Meinig was one of those – an insider who experienced the cold chill from others and experiencing a somewhat reduced Christmas card list.  Dr Meinig was a co-founder of the American Association of Endodontists, earning his Dental Surgery Degree back in 1937 in Chicago.  But, after penning his exposé book questioning root canal treatment, he was likely awarded the: Grand Order of The Cold Shoulder of the Colleague.  Things may have changed a bit since then, but his is a substantial word of caution, citing ample science to back it up.  Backed up it was too, with controversy, by Dr Hal Huggins, in his book: The link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness – we’re not sure if he was invited to many Endodontist hug-ins after that either…

Old (But Expensive) Metals In The Canal

Many observe that teeth must be seen as an integral part of the body, just like our toenails or skin or hair.  Each element is subject to birth, growth and decay – each requiring nutrients for healthy, long term growth.  Root Canal Trreatments has become big business with many thousands taking place each day in the UK.  Now that they are called Root Canal Therapies they are doubtless charged in guineas, where previously as Root Canal Treatments they were charged in pounds – they go deep into the wallet.  Meanwhile ordinary ‘Operations’ have been inflated away and cost mere pounds, while posher ‘Procedures’ are up-sold for guineas, M’Lud.

As far back as 2003, California’s Proposition 65 found its’ way onto the Statute books – warning that mercury was a chemical known to cause birth defects and other reproductive harms.

An Amalgam of Common Sense?

Nearly a century ago, Dr Weston A Price travelled the Globe looking for links of systematic health, to teeth, as their root.  More recently Chemical Watch (no, not a unique horological timepiece) added a worthy warning, of note.  On 26th May 2017 they confirmed the coming EU wide Regulation to ban mercury amalgams.  Keeping mercury out of the body is vital, as getting it out, proves to be, far, far, harder.

From 1st July 2018, across the EU, mercury dental amalgams will be banned for children under 15 – and it will be a criminal offence for Dentists to implant them.  Also banned are mercury dental amalgams for pregnant or breast feeding women, unless: ‘medically necessary’.  What, pray tell, might that ‘medical necessity’ be? – to be so ‘necessary’ as to whack a dose of mercury (the 2nd most toxic element on Earth) into a pregnant or breast feeding Mum?

Mercury, Maybe Less of a Winged God

Mercury is unique as a metal, in that it is liquid at room temperature.  Even in vapour form, mercury penetrates the central nervous system, where it embeds and is ionised – contributing to significant toxic effects throughout the body.  However, elemental mercury is heavily blocked from absorption in the GI (Gastro-Intestinal) tract so that when it is ingested (as when encased within thermometers), it may be ‘tolerated’.  However, when injected, mercury creates an entirely different, but highly cumulative, toxic load – especially in the young and under-developed.  The documentary ended by citing 283 links, Papers and websites of supportive reference material.

Most recently several NGO’s (Non Governmental Organisations) have got behind the evidence too, insisting that the EU implements a ban on mercury dental fillings with immediate effect.  Now, if we could extend a mercury (and aluminium?) ban to vaccines across the EU maybe then we would see many childhood dis-eases go away, as well.  

Rather than just paying lip service, that would get to the root of things and by then we’d all be less down in the mouth.