“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Prostate Cancer: Below The Belt Dis-Ease Mongering by The Press

Mar 6, 2018

Following on from my last blog on antidepressants, I realised how the negative energy of the ‘news’ will bring us down – ‘fake’ news, or not.  The elephant always has the same footprints: the views are very uniform and the message repeated, incessantly.  We’re prepped, primed and ready every hour, on the hour, for another dose, another mass diagnosis of ‘woe is me’, or could be.  Perhaps we’re all suffering a modern disease of dis-ease.

This week was like that with the P word, it seems Prostates are suddenly, coincidentally, in vogue.  Talking of Vogue, the UK magazine covered prostate cancer on 5th February 2010 and again on 25th August 2017 – when their Aussie cousins went ‘down under’ too, on the topic.  Clearly it’s been in Vogue for a while.

Fez Up, Tommy

When I was young, comedy was awash with non offensive celeb’s such as the young and tall Tommy Cooper – a natural television star, it was all a bit more black and white then.  Then, messages from the likes of Tommy were all the rage, but in a non angry type way – he didn’t so much fes up good thoughts, as fez them up.  Hats off to him.  My favourite medical sketch, was when he went to see a long faced Doctor to whom Tommy, said “sorry, I’ve not been to see you before now Doc, but I’ve been well”.

Silver Surfers Rule

Research confirms that the most believable Mass Media Messengers (MMM’s) are those on the small screen, often sporting a natty northern accent and even nattier clothes – but not too natty, sort of boy meets girl, on the sofa, next door, types.  But what if such media messengers slither through our gullibility guard – our uuummm??? but bypassed by: MMM’s.  What if the stair lift to our mind has been hi-jacked with a free pen and paper clip enticing us to ‘sign up’ to the latest mass media medical ‘marvels’.  In the case of the older man, the silver tongued from our screens are busy cosying up on our sofas – prizing open our ‘prostate panic’ purse.

Suddenly, coincidentally, TV personalities (and authors) are in the news. I’ve counted four this last week, all suffering from that same affliction – one that brings a watery eye to most men of a certain age, the grand fromage that is: prostate problems.  These ‘personalities’ ranged in age from 60 to over 80 – so, no potential patient voice left behind and all that.  A male problem that we all want to know more about, a problem that, as we age, we can’t fully outrun.  Or can we?  Some things we more often die with rather than from.

Dr Richard Ablin – Gives It The Finger

It’s just over a year since my 4th Feb 2017 blog which looked at the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) ‘cancer’ test and why researcher Dr Richard Ablin – why he felt so driven to write his ‘semenal’ book: The Great Prostate Hoax.  At any polite dinner party it’s a subject still kept under wraps – it being a bit too below the belt in polite company, which is a great pity.  So, I thought it was also timely to repeat this from my 27th November 2017 blog:

Give It The Starr Treatment

Most cancers take decades to grow yet 70% of prostate cancer patients elect for surgery within 48 hours of getting a diagnosis – while those surgically treated, versus those untreated, have the same life expectancy.  Peter Starr, was not one of those ‘quick to the surgeon’ prostate patient types.  Instead he consulted 56 prostate experts (Medical Doctors and PhD’s) around the world and well over a decade later he is spreading his healing message via his DVD series.  Fellow investigator Dr Thomas Seyfried, has also researched cancer and believes like many of us, that ketosis holds the key while ‘chemo’ drugs block our most powerful cancer repair cells – our innate ‘cancer eating’ macrophages.

A quick summary of the road less travelled, a question or three, less asked by the unwary:

  • “Well, sorry Mr Patient the cancer came back”… – what if: it never went away, but your post ‘treatment’ innate immune system did?
  • What if your ‘gut guardian’ could be rebuilt (for long life, as “all health begins in the gut”).
  • What if, only some darts players can, only sometimes, hit a straight 180 – a biopsy bullseye is a bit like that, with ‘false positives’ showing up 75% of the time.

Researching tumourigenesis would be a good place to start to better understand the decades long growth of our prostate ‘friend’.  With the comparison of: surgery, chemo or watchful waiting, which option wins?  Which ‘solution’ has less ‘deaths after a decade’ that being a fairly relevant measure.   Counterintuitively, where death is concerned, watchful waiting is often the less invasive but more successful option.  If we examine other evidence we find that it supports the benefits of an alkaline inducing diet and other ‘prostate positive’ lifestyle changes.  That ‘active’ watchful waiting actually tops the pile and leaves our below the belt functions, still, well, functioning.

Being More Than In Vogue

Viewing Peter Starr interviews on Youtube are a useful place to start to better grasp hormonal and stress drivers too, via his Educational Foundation – his is the less the brutal (and bladed) alternative.  Maybe that simple sighting could soon be in vogue, but possibly not aired in: Vogue, the Lifestyle Section – sadly.