“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

“Let Them Eat Truth, Doctor” the launch of: http://www.truthtellers.im/ website

Jul 18, 2018

If you’ve little time for a deep dive (or even just a shallow read) simply click on this newly launched Wellness Website below: http://www.truthtellers.im/  In time, we will add to a growing list of OutStanding, OutSpeakers.

Speak Up, Freely, on Vaccines

Where else could you have the chillaxing of a village, the community of rural life, and yet, access to the oldest Parliament on Earth?  The Isle of Man, that’s where – and some days it really doesn’t rain.  Penning the odd email this week, my main topic was of an upwards only, rapidly escalating, ‘official’ vaccine schedule.  For once.  An increasingly mandated schedule which is finally coming into the cross hairs of scrutiny.  With such scrutiny maybe even a PolyVaxxiny page could make it onto Wikipedia.  More so, as with growing scientific evidence of autoimmune diseases – there’s an expansion of harmed populations we’ve never seen in previous generations. With debate growing ever louder around the World on MMR deaths (most recently in Samoa) and in post HPV vaccine deaths (in 20 Countries) such debate is long overdue.  Enter stage left, the Manx people.  A tribe, but “not as we know it Jim” – one with a non conformist habit of speaking up and sometimes enacting Laws…

The Speaker of Tynwald (the Manx Parliament) is the Hon Juan Watterson, SHK.  His role can be traced back a fair while as the Tynwald Parliament dates from 972 – there’s history, and then: there’s Manx Parliamentary History.  Mr Speaker as he is Officially known, has confirmed his willingness to Chair a public debate into vaccines, providing we can attract other panellists – well I’m game to discuss vaccine science and vaccine contents.  We also heard back today from the Minister of the Department of Health and Social Care (Health Minister in old money).  He too confirmed that he would attend a vaccines panel public debate, subject to his groaning diary.

In these days of digital connect you don’t have to be in the waiting room nor on the hard shoulder, belching smoke, hoping to be seen.  So often, Doctor Freeway, comes to you.  We can easily access the best minds for fastest disruption of old models – not just be spoon fed old style ‘medicine’.  We can now reach anyone, plugging into their networks while humanity is best served that way.  Lead on McDuff:

Go With Noakes

Those who know South African politics, sorry health, will doubtless know of Professor Tim Noakes who is a lifelong researcher and multiple marathon runner.  He even found time to write the Lore of Running.  But, despite a healthy focus on his long and winding road, he eventually ‘caught’ diabetes. His daily habits lead to his capture of course, by following established dietary norms.  But, to him (and to many of us) his diet was simply ‘wrong’: carb’s to the max had put a handbrake on his legs – as it does for so many.  With a style of the gentle Patrician, he outlines what worked for him to reverse his diabetes and what may also work, for others.  So, what did work for him? LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) for one, that’s what.  It may well work for ‘others’ too but only if they take a little time out from Strictly Come Bake Off On Ice In The Jungle to research human physiology and diet.  That the Professor endured four years of legal assault by the State yet lived to tell his tale is testimony that truth will out.  May he feed on the fat of the land (with few carbs) for many years to come.

You’re a Star, Peter

Peter Starr is a filmmaker and had been going on swimmingly with his life and work.  That was until his airbag of life went off, bringing him to a shuddering halt.  I hope that’s not too callous a description, nor a bit too, well, below the belt.  In fact, that was exactly where his personal airbag was located – below his belt.  Step up, Dr Glum, who opined: “Mr Starr, you have prostate cancer”.  So started Peter on his journey and a film series where he outlined the shocking evidence of the prostate cancer ‘as business model’, film.  The original prostate cancer test, so beloved of disease mongers everywhere (driving late model BMW’s) is of course the PSA, Prostate Specific Antigen, test.  It sure sounds authoritative and is a deeply woody phrase – so it must be trusted.  What is it in Latin, some might ask? those charging in guineas, no doubt.  But, not so fast Tonto, what if late model BMW Man he speak with forked tongue?  What if, the inventor of the ‘test’ (Dr Richard Ablin) said it should never be used as an actual reliable test for prostate cancer.  What if, you not only viewed Mr Starr’s videos, but you also bought the book by Dr Ablin: The Great Prostate Hoax.  Some night time viewing and reading, might follow.  That way with a stiffer resolve, your Wife will also get to appreciate your new found Wellness – above and below the belt.

Have A Heart Guy(s)

Professor Sherif Sultan has a kind heart and an independent mind.  But some of the truth cannot be prettied up as Professor Sultan speaks of the ugly side of statins.  Or should that be the ugly side of $tatin$.  His initial charge against statins is their inhibition of insulin secretion, leading to raised blood glucose level, so increasing diabetes mellitus.  High cholesterol levels have (actually) been found to be protective in the elderly – preventing inter cerebral bleeds and bone fractures. Of 200 heart failure patients studied in the US half the patients awaiting heart transplant were kept on statins, while another 100 were placed on Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and were taken off statins.  For those patients placed on Co-enzyme Q10 therapy (and without statins) their heart muscles came back to health again and their cardio myopathy improved.  So they ‘miraculously’ came off their waiting list.

Other Truth Tellers

Professor Jordan Peterson is taking the Globe by storm due to his book: The 12 Rules of Life. Professor Peterson came to global prominence in not being bear baited during a somewhat lively Channel 4 interview with Cathy Newman.  His ‘off the scale restraint’ gave us an historic insight into a dying movement, some say.

Dr David Healy is a world leading Psychiatrist and respected author.  His 2006 video is a master class in taking the FDA to task with their lack of true oversight and the (ongoing) harms of antidepressant drugs.

Dr Judy Mikovits authored the book Plague.  If your hair wasn’t falling out before reading it, it will likely be thinning, just a bit, by the last chapter.  Dr Judy highlights cross species blood contamination that cannot be ignored.  A wide historic perspective is essential to make sense of current medical myopia.

Dr Zoë Harcombe in researching obesity asked a not so simple question ‘why do we overeat’?  She believes nothing now that she believed previously of the ‘established and settled science’ mantras – of current ‘official’ dietary advice.

Dr John Bergman in his latest video on Cancer (breaking the cycle of fear and ignorance) is a must – from your armchair, or hammock.  John is a thorough researcher, a brilliant Doctor and a kind chiropractor.  He’s definitely no fan of the: cut, burn and poison brigades’ approach to Wellness.

Dr Veronique Desaulniers (‘Doctor V’ to her friends) is badged as the Breast Cancer Conqueror.  Her Essentials System, lasers in on the 7 Things Your Oncologist Won’t Tell You.  That’s a pretty useful start.

Delusions Pricked Slowly

Truth escapes gradually as vested interests have to first retire, or die.  But not quickly enough, it seems.  If we fail to study history, then we fail to learn from the 40 years which are usually needed for new truths to escape.  By not learning from VIH (Vested Interest History) we will stay bricked up and forever closeted.  Where are they now? these former, thick as a brick, cupboard dwellers – we’ve all been there, haven’t we…  But just where are these more infamous utterers of such beauties: “there will never be a heavier than air flying machine”.  And “this ship the Titanic, it is unsinkable”.  Fast forward of course to 1994 and the CEO’s of Big Tobacco proclaiming under oath and on camera: “nicotine is not addictive”.  That line, said under oath in a woefully under par performance followed global adverts of the 1950’s proclaiming: “Doctors Prefer Camel” – the cigarette brand of course.  Those wholesale (or perhaps retail?) beliefs made a monkey out of many.  No if’s of course but it seems, plenty of butt’s.

Perhaps we should give the last word to Upton Sinclair as an original Truth Teller.  Well remembered for the line: “it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”.  Quite.

Homework for the Un-Closeted

How to get a vaccine approved in just 4 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_JJMpe00mM

Repeat after me “nicotine is not addictive”: https://senate.ucsf.edu/tobacco-ceo-statement-to-congress

Professor Jordan Peterson: “tell the Truth”: https://www.truthtellers.im/?portfolio=jordan-peterson-tell-the-truth