“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Seeing Through The Third Eye

Jul 25, 2018

I picked up a book the other day, hardly a first, but it got me thinking.  It was called: The Finding of The Third Eye, penned by portrait artist and spiritualist Vera Stanley Alder.  Hardly mainstream, it was a book I’d last read (twice) in 2002.  It was originally written in the 1930’s – an era when spiritual thought leaders held sway over afternoon tea, served in fine china cups.  Vera’s cousin was Niels Bohr, the 1922 Nobel Prize winning Physicist – so she may also have had a bit of free thinking form.  Nowadays such ‘dare to’ dreamers connect via Skype and YouTube – while eating breakfast.  Dressed ‘home/office’ style in vests and shorts.  But in the internet era maybe we have forgotten the less physical worlds, especially our own internal superhighway communicating with every cell within us.  Hidden from view, our spiritual software heals our cuts and digests our food, before handing off all the waste products to the elimination guys down below.  There is still so much we don’t know that goes on within us, of which we’re not fully conscious, but we are pretty grateful none the less.

The Sky Lights Up

Ancient Wisdoms held that each of us is made up of Seven Planes of Matter, each interpenetrating the other.  Being constructed of solid, liquid and gas, they each have a role in the body – but not too free form at polite dinner parties.  Though not everything is physical, we act as transmitters and receivers coming into ‘contact’ with the fields that keep the Planets spinning above us – but also affecting our cells, at every moment, within us.  The not so humble x-ray can look right through us, so we’re definitely not so solid crew, after all.  It’s likely that by ‘penetrating’ these areas of un-physical exploration we will discover the future of less invasive medicine.

We’ve certainly been here before, with vibrant colours that are all around us – but hidden every minute of every day, yet in plain sight.  Who can forget their first use of a prism at school when suddenly that physics lesson, came literally, to light.  In separating out light, the prism exposed us to all seven colours of the rainbow.  Only when a prism does her magic can we see each light uniquely and realise what’s actually there, what is in reality, light waving at us.  To those suffering Season Affective Disorder a light can more than brighten their room, it really can truly brighten their day.  Plus, light up the face of the IKEA sales folks.

This Is The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius

The late 1960’s was an era of flower power, of free love and cheap terraced housing.  A time when everyone was burning joss sticks and sporting Afghan coats.  But a time also when poor old Sandy Shaw couldn’t even afford shoes.  Skirts were even bought by the inch, judging by Twiggy’s legs – all the while exposing next weeks’ washing.  Aye, them were the days – but not so quick, Einstein.  The era was certainly turned on and tuned in to a less material, less consumerist, ideal.  It’s as if the vibes really have ‘changed’ man, while we now resonate to a lower frequency, in our more materialistic modern world.

Vibes Man, But Not As We Know Them

So why does it matter?  It matters because physical objects have the lowest vibrational frequency, but may not quite hold all the answers – Einstein.  Solid matter is just energy in different stages of motion, different from their less solid sisters.  The same system of form, time and motion runs through the whole Universe, just as with planets, our bodily protons, atoms and cells are in a constant state of motion.  It’s an ordered arrangement connecting us within the external and internal Universes.  It isn’t just in the charts that we should pay attention to Seasons in the Sun, as so sung Terry Jacks in the 1970’s.  But what if we’re cycling around again and society really is now awakening to a less material age?  One where the chemicals we are taking, in ever greater numbers, mask increasing, but hidden internal chaos.  In little more than one generation the use of anti-depressants has increased from 2% to 10% of the population in the Western world.  A modern tragedy, but perhaps one that can learn lessons from the wisdom of the past.

As One Door Opens

Man ‘Know Thyself’ was inscribed above entrance doors of the ancient temples.  Each life form designed to sustain another, in the great tree of life.  We are leaving the end of materialism and of mechanistic health, where each part is reduced from the whole – but that reductionism leads to problems of personal separation.  A body is far more than the sum of the parts.  In future we really will return to whole health, aided no doubt by whole foods, full of vibrant energy.  It’s likely and overdue, that in terms of ill-health, cancers of the future will be seen in holistic system terms – rather than in Single Organ ‘Science’ terms.  That’s an SOS that won’t save us if we apply our current logic.  As we revere the interconnectedness of life, then the Doctor, the Priest and the Public will need to learn to speak balanced dialogues.  Ones, more of parent to parent, rather than adult to child.  If the ‘in motion’ Universe is made up of varying densities, then so too is the ‘in motion’ body, but perhaps at times, we’re too thick to see that.

Becker – Serves With New Balls

In reading The Finding of The Third Eye another less mainstream book sprang to mind, one that again highlights the less seen world – the two Worlds of electricity and magnetism.  If too readily we reject the unseen worlds just try putting a finger in a light socket.  You certainly wouldn’t do that if you had also chanced upon the book: The Body Electric by US Orthopaedic surgeon, Professor Robert Becker.

Professor Becker was a pioneering expert in the field of bio-regeneration.  His book outlines our bio-electric selves and the struggles he had, in undertaking his ground breaking work – to eventually get his voice heard.  Some say that owed mainly to the nature of his disruptive science.  We humans (and animals) really are just energy and matter – a sack of meat, water and chemicals with a current flowing through it.  It was current that fascinated the Professor.  But the current medical model mainly ignores the energy wave bit, overly focussed as they are on the mechanistic life models.  Meanwhile, each cell is busy signalling to one another – every tooth, skin, brain, or liver cell knowing where it fits within, or on, the body.  Our body replenishes daily, monthly and yearly: building a whole new moving structure every couple of years – or even quicker, envisioned, yet unseen.  While utilising different forms from the parts bin of life.

Grow Me A Liver

The day isn’t too far off when human limbs, spinal cords, and organs will be grown in the lab, or on the human.  A self-generating human liver can readily be cut into thirds, so each transplant recipient gets a new, smaller, but hopefully healthier, liver.  Likely, one without the optional onions – unless you’ve paid the Surgeon a bonus, on his side job.  Professor Becker highlights how salamanders grow new parts after they have been amputated.  Or perhaps, after they’ve trapped limbs in the Harrods door, during the Boxing Day sales – well, there’ll be nothing on the telly will there?  If only TV’s transmission signal was of a much higher frequency we’d all tune in, and stay turned on.