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HPV: Always Read The Label – Before Swallowing The Pill

Aug 22, 2018

The Tube Has Gone On My Telly

Yesterday, I put up an HPV Vaccines blog.  It contained, a link to a: BMJ vaccines review paper, a set of presentation slides, and also a film – guess which one was unable to be viewed?  You’ve guessed right if you thought it may have been YouTube, or NotYOURTube as it may soon be known – if, as some of you do, happen to live in: Australia, US, UK, or the Isle of Man.  Looks like Vimeo video sharing may soon be the place to hang out, to be over seen, but under filtered.

“Me and Mrs Jones”

Nostalgia is not what it was, clearly.  Way back in 1972 that silver tongued lothario, Billy Paul, did a more than passable impression of Barry White lite.  He invited us into his closest confines with stories of “me and Mrs Jones”.  Meanwhile, with far less audible talent, I’ve suddenly been badged with a ‘me and Alex Jones’ tagline.  It seems both of us have been deplatformed by YouTube for crossing very different tram lines.  Me for a vaccine debate video – whoa guys, who’s next if any views don’t fit the standard narrative?  Students of Fascist history will recount the wakeup call from Martin Niemöller’s hard hitting poem ‘first they came for the socialists’…  Maybe we’re going there again – but with folks of a different stripe.  Democratic debate should be how we all advance into ripe old age.

Get The PIL Before You Get Pricked

The PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) is essential reading to support fully informed consent, prior to vaccination.  But, as with many small print items, the sales guys don’t always put it in the owners pack, unasked.  If it’s been hidden behind a wall – whether of the real kind or of the fire variety, then please just click the link below.  That way you’ll know what you’re walking into, with education as your fully informed friend.

CHECK for regional variation and seek suitably qualified medical advice 

For Information Purposes ONLY: here’s the PIL for Gardasil 9: https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/product/7330/pil