“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Wellness Wednesdays – Digging A Deep and Lasting Well

Aug 27, 2018

It seems, despite spending record amounts of money (other people’s, perhaps?) that ‘health’ has never had to cater for so many sick folks.  On every measure, in the last forty years, chronic treatment spending has far out-paced acute accident spend.  What if that’s not actually an accident, what if chronic, pill for life spending and follow up (over) diagnosis, is, ‘the new normal’.  What if Henry Gadsden, the 1970’s head of Merck, has got his wish and Pharma has made taking pills “as normal as chewing gum”.  But we must remember – chewing gum is not actually digestible, nor, long term, very Wellness enhancing.

Marie Celeste – last seen adrift near Jurby

The Marie Celeste has gone down in folklore.  Not so much gone down with all hands, for none were found aboard the ship, when she was found with not a soul aboard – floating off the Azores.  Perhaps, The Isle of Man, is, more sadly, clueless than crewless – when it comes to the good ship HMS Wellness.  I had planned the following ‘Wellness Wednesdays’, and some say, still have that itch to scratch.  But the people in charge of the Jurby Health Centre recently rejected my offer.  It’s not the computer that says ‘no’.  Perhaps, we’d best do Wellness Online – to reach out beyond walls and mental borders.  Excuse the current tense, as these events below do remain work in progress, despite being blocked for now, from a ‘health’ building…

About Wellness Wednesdays – A Free For All 

These evening events are free to attend each month, to be held at the Jurby Health and Community Centre.  They will be twenty minute presentations, followed by 40 minutes for questions and answers.  They will be hosted by Courtenay Heading, Founder and Patient Advocate of Jurby Wellness.  Other guest presenters will be invited as appropriate.  He has NO medical training and offers NO medical advice.  His lifelong interest is in the education and discussion of open minded Wellness ideas.  The ideas are backed by supportive evidence but without any commercial bias – nor vested scientific interests.  Jurby Wellness was formed in 2016 and is a not for profit company.  Formerly, he had a five year independent role as Healthcare Innovation Consultant for the Isle of Man Government.  Being a keen all weathers walker he has completed the last seven Isle of Man Parish Walks (85 miles within 24 hours).  He lives in Ramsey with his Wife Judy and has a family connection to the Jurby area: his Father served at Jurby airfield as a young airman in 1939.

Wellness Wednesdays – Provisional 2018 Programme

July: How a ‘healthy’ diet is killing you

August: Antibiotic resistance and what’s driving it

September: Over-vaccinations across the board, the Global scientific evidence

October: The Parish Walk, how hard can it be?

November: The Cholesterol Con – how statins harm our natural repair mechanisms

December: HPV Vaccines for girls (and soon, for boys?) the playing out of a modern tragedy

Wellness Wednesdays – Provisional 2019 Programme

January: The (inaccurate) PSA test and The Great Prostate Hoax

February: Breast Cancer – The Seven Things Your Oncologist Won’t Tell You

March: Anti-depressants a modern disaster – the rise from 2% to 10% of the adult population

May: Fertility – why it is falling and how to improve it

June: Vitamin D, how does the Sun beat the bottle

July: What’s In Your Blood?  Is it an accurate marker?

August: White: Rice, Bread and Sugar, driving out (essential to healthy hearts) magnesium

September: Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill

October: Flu vaccines with aluminium adjuvant – as a driver of dementia

November: Restoring Your Gut after ant-acid PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitor) drugs

December: The Low Carb High Fat Diet for living and performance

Why would the above, free to attend discussions, be rejected as being able to take place within that most Mary Celeste of empty buildings – the Jurby Health Centre?  Perhaps, because ‘health’ as currently practiced is currently too ‘sick’ focussed, while Wellness, along with the words of George Orwell, are pills too bitter to swallow.  On, or off, prescription.