“In life as in nature, what’s good for the bee, is good for the hive”

Sacred Space Needed For Medical Harms

Oct 1, 2018

The Hague is located at the Peace Palace, in Holland, and was formed in 1945.  It’s the most senior judicial organisation of the UN.  It’s a place where differing views, almost warring parties, come to try and reach an accord.  Or to stop killing each other, at least until a new day dawns. 


It’s Divine Darling

Imagine if the oldest Parliament on Earth, made a land grab, for a noble notion: a Sacred Space, to air without fear nor favour: medical harms for justice and restitution.  That ‘fear nor favour’ piece is important, as that is how the Queen gets her power under the Divine Right of Kings, from us, the great un, or less, washed.  The oldest Parliament on Earth, dating it’s said from AD972, being the Isle of Man – in the geographical centre of the British Isles in the middle of the Irish Sea.  A natural home.

Why do we need such a Sacred Space?  Well, because we’re more ill than ever, while spending more and more on treatment.  Surgeons with ski chalets like that comfy gig, but others with the wrong leg sawn off, don’t much care for it.  Peak Health has passed us by too, almost silently.  While, what drives Wellness, is rarely on the agenda of Dr Blindside.  Vermont and China have some pay for Wellness schemes, but almost no one else does. 


Denial Is Not A River in Egypt, Sir Humphrey

If we follow the money, we’ll find the harms, but only by paddling our canoe upstream to the source, to the cause(s) of the sickness flood.  Let’s start with The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (yes, there is one in the US) which has paid out nearly $4 billion but the ‘Court’ offers no process of discovery of evidence – wherever the evidence takes us.  How does that help us all learn and progress, in an internet age?  The UK being more miserly, limits vaccine injury pay-outs, to £120k each.  But why should all this be secret, when Anonymous are increasingly ready at the door, laptop and smart phone in hand.  Time to fess up, Sir Humphrey – it’s actually cathartic and so loooong over due.


The Rules

Keep it simple, takes some beating: 1) no name calling, 2) no distraction, 3) answer the questions.

The concept more akin to a pipe of peace process, than parking of tanks, on the lawn.  Truth Tellers would be in their element.  Formerly called Whistle Blowers, there is a long list of willing participants from the FDA (US, Food and Drug Administration), CDC (US, Centres for Disease Control) and the NHS (UK, National Health Service).  The Sacred Space would allow any evidence to be presented in a humanitarian spirit, as evidenced by the Irish and South African Peace and Reconciliation Panels.  With blood tainting trials currently underway in the UK, following three decades of cover-up, now is the time to stand tall, and proud, and transparent.


First up, in 2018: HPV Vaccine Deaths and Infertility

Please see the Risks versus Benefits document here to start open minded and science based, debate.


Statins / Faked Cholesterol Science, next up in 2019

Scientific fraud, cancers, & hidden evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xim_BDMwaFg

More cholesterol is needed as we age – Japan studies confirm: with low cholesterol we die earlier.