Not content with getting folks hot under the collar, not on one but on two topics, it seems the Wife of a close confidante of: 1) a certain Mr D Trump, has been waxing lyrical about: 2) the harms of… vaccines.  You would have thought that 52% of Americans didn’t vote for him, based on non stop leftie press coverage.  Those Vaxx to the Maxx, wedded to their advertising dollars, ‘news’ apologists.

Top Trumping

Slanted words, devoid of debate just isn’t fair play, it’s not right – is it?  People put a wall up to anything, and everything, that Mr Trump says.  Granted, his hair parting IS more than a bit right of centre, but it’s not as if he hadn’t spotted the ongoing, US vaccine carnage a while back.  They say a week is a looong time in politics, well, so is seven years – if we go way back to 2012, long before folks doffed the cap to Mr Prez. He happened to notice what 2.3 million US families have spotted, coincidentally, and anecdotally… that they now have an autistic child in their midst.  But generally, only if an ever increasing vaccine schedule preceded those families – which had them noticing the fact.

His October 2012 tweet: ‘Autism rates through the roof – why doesn’t the Obama administration do something about doctor inflicted autism.  We lose nothing to try’.

His March 2014 tweet: ‘Healthy young kid goes to Doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases’!

Shine On

The close confidante of Mr Trump is none other than Darla Shine, the Wife of White House communications director, Bill Shine.  Darla tweeted that a mere 75% of those in the New York latest measles outbreak were fully vaccinated, raising more than an eyebrow.  It also begs a deeper question of, how exactly, in the real world, herd immunity actually works?

She has asked, nay pleaded, for “MSM (Main Stream Media) to do their job”.  Whoa, ‘open press’, outside the standard narrative – never.  Their press sponsors wouldn’t like that, especially in a US non election year, where Pharma advertising is fully half their revenues.

That Darla is also the authoress of Happy Housewives, which may also draw some heat – and not just from the kitchen.  It seems like she has noticed that the carbs, the meds and the alcohol aren’t fully working for the Sisterhood – they (and we) likely need a better informed debate for what is causing all this unhappiness amongst their ranks.

Burning Ring of Fire

If ‘The Donald’ was still running The Apprentice, maybe even some of the professionally deaf in white coats, would hear him shout “You’re Fired”, based alone, on toxic vaccine contents. Bits of animal, bits of human, metal fragments and ‘recombinant’ DNA, it’s sure vile down in the vial.  Also detergents, to try to clean things up – yes really, yet another approved vaccine ‘ingredient’.  Vaccine scientists truly believe they are Masters of The Universe – while living deep in their ‘test’ tubes.  Many, perhaps, are simply fools on steroids, with eye patches and ear defenders to match.

So, what happens when you shine a light? – well, the darkness goes away.  Ever been so.