No, not an April Fool, but you might have feared you would have met one on the night, that night being Monday 1stApril 2019.  Laxey, in the Isle of Man, was the place to be – especially if you were open to what is broken with ‘health’ and how we might start to afford and reward Wellness.  This was a book launch like no other, as there was no book.

I’d been gearing up for an e-book launch on Amazon on 1stApril 2019, but back in February, all hell broke loose.  The cat kicked over the cookie jar and suddenly Ray Bradbury was back in vogue. How so?  Well, him being the author of the ‘ahead of its’ time book: Fahrenheit 451, that’s how.  His was the 1950’s story of book burning, de-platforming and the shutting down of free speech and debate.  Mr Bradbury confirms there is no Fairy Godmother, no Father Christmas, and no, the guy doesn’t get the girl and ride off into the sunset, on a Harley Davidson. But then if you’ve ever ridden one, you’d know why not – unless she has strong fillings and loves overly thumpy ‘v twin’ vibes.  In short, there is no happy ending, in fact no ending at all, not even a beginning, and nothing in the middle.  Because in the UnBrave New World of Amazon, debate of some subjects is denied.  Amazon took the film Vaxxed off the shelf – it’s not even allowed on the top shelf, with a parental advisory.  That Amazon continues to sell some very extreme (and de-humanising) stuff is perplexing to some of us, who value open scientific debates. Wherever it may lead.

Just as we’re never alone from aliens, it seems Amazon is never alone from pals.  It could almost look like a concert party, but without the jelly, streamers and hats.   That CDC (California Dreaming Censorship) is also in place via: Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Google seems coincidental.  Censorship that is, of anything vaccine related – that questions just why are kids  (nowadays) so ill, so allergic, so chronically impaired? Not just Amazon and Co but GoFundMe, as they too joined in the banning and blocking of scientific research funding of career long academic scientists.  You know, those who produce peer reviewed scientific papers for decades.  But only if you work on certain ‘hot’ topics.  The research funding for Dr Chris Exley has been blocked, the donations to date, returned.  More UnFundHim than GoFundMe.  Dr Exley is Acknowledged by academia to be the leading aluminium researcher in the World.  Yes, aluminium is in vaccines, but it shouldn’t be – even more so as it bypasses the gut, which is why he wants to fully research the evidence.  All of it, without commercial bias.

So back to the book. A healthy audience were treated to a short (death by power point?) presentation.  Included within it, were a few war stories of the author.  Aren’t they the most boring of all? but no one seemed to fall asleep.  My book is very much a personal story of morphing from being a fan of health, then slowly realising it was a treatment only model – one where any cures were not welcomed.  The health industry is based on repeating revenues, a subscription model embedding ‘medicines’ as habits until death.  It’s why the costs only go up and they’re bankrupting the world, in a Meds to the Maxx type way.   The kind of thinking that could fuel the making of an irreverent heretic “so, do you have cancer because you lack chemo?”.

Interweaving ‘regulatory capture’ and the increasing failure of the peer review process, Swamp The Drain tries to put context around the whole ‘sickness as health’ treatment industry.  An industry that thinks food is not medicine and ignores those daily habits of ingesting overly processed and denatured foods.  Such habits, of course build up, adversely, over time – until the causes, eventually, become self evident.

The title has even gone through a few iterations – a posh word for how do we get all this health mayhem into one, almost cohesive book descriptor.  Increasingly, wherever I looked the outcomes were in tatters: more meds, more spend, more chronic disease, yet ever earlier.  The spine of the book is HPV vaccine carnage.  An almost unbelievably profitable vaccine, ($3 to make, $150 / dose to buy) it is actually driving cervical cancer, in the four most highly vaccinated countries, in girls under 26.  This Official Report evidence reverses decades long PAP screening success.  True Tragedy.

But the HPV vaccine story simply reflects the standard TTP (Top Ten Playbook) by which a new disease is marketed.  If we look across each dis-ease we see the same patterns: 1) Find a disease, 2) Ignore other causes, 3) Disease monger the many, 4) Pre-market early, 5) Trial short term, 6) Screen out adverse reactions, 7) Ignore post market surveillance, 8) Employ former regulators, 9) Name call objectors, 10) Avoid Independent product testing.  End of.

In looking at medicines, devices and vaccines, as a non medic, I realised that NOT following a protocol or a strict schedule, was a benefit.  You could even use independent thinking, to ask: what if each of these ten meds is an unfounded ‘protocol practice’, where no one has ever actually asked “what does this combo do?”, and “what might the interactions actually… trigger?”.  Nope, no one has, of course – each ‘organ specialist’ being firmly in his, or her, bile filled silo.  This book is a more holistic response, but the title has changed, though not before I’d realised that really: The Emperor Has No Clothes, to quote Hans and Christian and Anderson.  The original ‘The Emperor Has No HPV Vaccines’ still screams out to be heard – not just on the streets but in the Courts of Justice, given time.

So, (trigger alert)… what could top trump all this medical mayhem? you might ask.  Well, in short we need to paraphrase the (trigger alert) blond topped Donald… to, in short, “drain the swamp” of all those ve$ted interest$.  In going back to the future, one of real food as medicine, we need to acknowledge that the ‘health’ system is so sick, yet so ‘valuable’ that we will in all health sectors: swamp the drain.  That drain simply cannot cope with all the contents of the ‘medicine as repetition’ swamp.  Until you start to look, to stand back and question – you really don’t see it.  There are some acute treatments which are truly, mind blowingly, miraculous, but in the chronically sick world, we are struggling as never before, for remedies.

As we all start to question, to self educate ourselves on Wellness, we morph fully into a human being who demands Informed Choice and not, as currently, Enforced Consent.

The book, in real print, (but still burnable at Fahrenheit 451 if you fancy) will be available from 2ndJuly 2019: Swamp The Drain (why The Emperor Has No HPV Vaccines)

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