Jurby Wellness

Delivering major improvements in human wellness

Our Vision is to create, from the ground up, a Centre of excellence which nurtures early stage, often fragile, start-ups, so they become scalable World renowned Companies which deliver measurable improvements in human Wellness. Our work will have impact far beyond our geographical base in the Isle of Man, British Isles.

Jurby Wellness is focused on delivering major improvements in human wellness. Based in the Isle of Man, British Isles, our wide range of scientific experts assist early stage Companies in turning their laboratory based ideas into commercial reality. We have an entrepreneurial culture based on an ethos of mentoring and highly practical global collaboration. Whilst Companies we assist will be ‘for profit’ we are unequivocal in our wish to contribute some of our profits and activities into philanthropic endeavours.

We are able to call upon the wide ranging business knowledge of our Expert Panel to assist at all stages of Company, from initial formation to seeding rapid growth, and on through to the market flotation process. We will focus on Companies and projects which align with our three priorities of: Transparent Science, Restorative Medicine and Natural Botanicals. They are felt to be the best drivers towards human wellness.

The Isle of Man is an ideal location for incubation of those ideas which may challenge the inertia and status quo which often dominates larger markets. Many of those ideas will best capture the resilience of the human spirit and our need to test new limits of human accomplishment. This is not just a recent thing, but is based on history when the Island first welcomed the TT motorcycle races in 1907 – an idea of visionaries to find a location that welcomed automotive engineering at the cutting edge. Those races continue to this day, as the ultimate test of human skill and resilience. Our Wellness Centre will combine science and engineering liberally sprinkled with visionary ideas to create with them, a viable home.